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This Week’s Best Reads in Change

This Week’s Best Reads in Change

This week’s best articles in change detail the features to look for in a change management methodology, how to drive effective change the first time, and how to combat organizational change fatigue. Change is never easy, but these articles can help make it more streamlined, and focused. They can also help you navigate change management techniques with your employees.

1. Four Features to Look for in a Change Management Methodology

Heather Stagl’s article about Change Management Methodology provides great clarification about change management approaches. If you are still struggling to identify your change management model, or in building one, Stagl’s article is not to be missed.

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2. Change Management in Organisations: How to Get it Right the First Time

This article by Catherine Adenle will help you identify whether or not your organization is change-ready or change adverse. Her examples offer excellent insights into change management protocol.

3. Change Management in the “Mirror, Mirror” Universe

Kiron Bondale’s article discusses the way in which ineffective change management is the common cause of poorly completed projects or inadequate deliverables. I think you’ll enjoy the way this article takes us into an opposite universe to examine common or not so common change management practices.

4. Driving Successful Change by Engaging the Entire Person

This article by Faith Fuqua-Purvis asks some serious questions about how you handle emotions in your workplace. I think you’ll find what she defines as her Head-Heart-Hands model particularly important, especially if you’re looking to engage with your employees.

5. How to Combat Organizational Fatigue

In this article I take on some of the difficulties with change fatigue. We know that change is inevitable but when it’s frequent, or frequently requested only those in positions of power.

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