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This Week’s Breaking News in Change Management

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This Week’s Breaking News in Change Management

In this week’s best in Change Management the articles speak about key business processes, organizational management and ITSM, and even some key challenges of software CM.

1. Why Organizational Change Management is Important for ITSM

In Karen Ferris’ article she looks at ITSM and its role in organizational change management. If you’re looking for some best practices in organizational change management, Ferris’ article offers some strong advice.

2. Effective Business Change Management is Critical for RIM Project Success

In this article by Glenn James, he looks at just how to engage people in order to improve user adoption. In addition, he offers the important elements of an effective change-management plan.

3.Four Key Areas of Business Process Management

In this article from the consultant’s corner, they walk through four key areas of BPM and offer up ways for your organization to improve business processes.

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4.Times Are a Changing: Change Management

In this article by RentSauce, they offer up key ways to address change with your team, with a solid plan, and through training, rewards and follow up.

5. 3 Key Challenges of Software Change Management

Finally in this article we look at the three key challenges of software change management, and their possible impacts on your business.

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