Change Management News WalkMe TeamUpdated May 27, 2015

This Week’s Latest News in Change Management

This Week’s Latest News in Change Management

In this week’s best in Change Management, the articles speak to the changing role of leadership, performance supports and even robot dogs.

1. 5 Ways to Lead Your Team More Effectively

In Brent Gleeson’s article he looks at the role of a great leader in creating safe environments, which can actively adapt through change.

Change managment ebook guide for donwload

2. When Your Business Navigates Change Involve your Employees in the Process Early
In Beth Miller’s article she looks at the importance of strategic change and the role of leadership in addressing resistance and internal/external change related challenges.

Businees meeting

3. Robot Dogs and Change Management
In Joyce Maroney’s article on change management, she offers a refreshing take on the google robot dog. She focuses specifically on the role of technology in helping to overcome challenges associated with change management.

4. Change Management Key to Outsourcing Success
In this article by IT Online, they take a look at the advantages to implementing IT outsourcing. In particular, they offer insight into the benefits of effective technology solutions and processes which can be leveraged by effective change management experts.

5. How Performance Supports Bring Clear Value to Ensuring Smooth Software Changes

Finally we take a look at the role of performance support in change management using an important White Paper called “how to Create a Painless Software Change Experience in the Industry.”


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