Change Management News WalkMe TeamUpdated March 17, 2021

This Week’s Latest in Change Management

This Week’s Latest in Change Management

In this week’s best in change management, we look at some New Year’s resolutions, better change in projects, and even the role of frequently changing, change management roles.

1. Five New Year Resolutions for Effective Change Management
In Daniel Locke’s article he tackles some of the most important New Years Resolutions we can make in change management. By focusing on these key areas you can make significant change in your own influence.

2.How to Make Changes on a Project

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In this article by Kenneth Darter, he outlines the important ways we can make change happen on a project. From keeping proper documentation to reflecting on lessons learned, Darter’s article provides an excellent overview for all project change.


3.Role of Change Management in an Ever-Changing World
In this article by Faith Forster she outlines the role of change management. She offers up some emerging concepts and impressive insights from leaders in the industry to make the case for better leadership in change.

4.Why Change Management is the Essence of Employee Advocacy
In Mike Bailey’s article he addresses the role of the change in employee advocacy. In addition he outlines some of the biggest barriers to organizational change and their influence on CM.

5.Business Process Improvement Steps to Follow 

Finally in this article we tackle some of the business process improvement steps that can benefit your organization. From mapping to mobilizing your resources, there is a route to follow which will help you build change success.

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