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This Week’s News in Change Management

This Week’s News in Change Management

By: Chris @ChangeMBlog Smith

In this week’s best in change management, we have useful tips for efficient change management, helping employees deal with change, and in managing organizational change and development.

1. How to Help Employees Deal with Change

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In this article by Mark Williams he outlines some of the key activities required by leadership. As a manager, when your department is undergoing change, you must be prepared and equipped but so must your staff. Williams article will help you better understand the critical decisions that leaders must make in order to ease employees through the change process.

2. Reinventing Management at the Mashup: Architecture & Ideology
In Gary Hamel’s article, he thoroughly tackles the challenges facing large organizations in architecture and ideology. From perceived emotional sterility to the failure of the pyramid, Hamel’s article gives compelling reasons to reapproach the strange commitment we have to outdated and ineffective hierarchies.

3. Useful Tips for Efficient Change Management

In Dan Nanda-Jorgensen’s article he outlines some critical tips to help you become more efficient with change management. This article can help those at all levels of change, and offers up some interesting places to pause and reflect.

4.What is Your Influence Agenda?

In this article by Mike Claytonhe addresses some commonplace challenges of organizational life and challenges you to think about creating a credible movement towards engagement and influence through the effective use of an organization vision, engagement goals and influence.

5.Managing Organizational Change and Development

Finally in this article we address the importance of an organizational strategy. From creating a cohesive vision, to developing political support and motivating change, we hope that these tips will inspire better organizational change.

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