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This Week’s News in Change Management

This Week’s News in Change Management

By: Chris @ChangeMBlog Smith

From effective leadership to better change management protocol this week’s articles offer up some clever insights into persuasive and pervasive change management.

1. 3 Tips for Developing an Effective Change Management Protocol

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In this article by GlobalShopSolutionsERP, they offer us some insights into developing an effective change management protocol by creating change management teams, managing resistance and offering real-time training.

2. Useful Tips for Efficient Change Management

In Dan Nanda-Jorgensen’s article, he offers up some insightful tips about efficient  change management. From tips about your leadership’s priorities to crafting response to company culture, this article will surely provide even seasoned change management professionals with some new possibilities.

3. 5 Change Management Tips for Pervasive Analytics Success

In this article by TJ Laher, he identifies some of the key ways that change management professionals can paint a clearer vision and facilitate organizational shifts.

4.3 Ways Leaders Can Pioneer Effective Change Management

In Tom Schulte’s article he outlines some of the ways that change leaders can be more effective and more involved in the business and its culture.

5. This Week’s News in Change Management 

Finally in this article we tackle some of the biggest news in change management.

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