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This Week’s News in Change Management

This Week’s News in Change Management

By: Chris @ChangeMBlog Smith

In this week’s best in change management we learn about the role of middle management in the change processes, discuss the particular challenges of the public sector in change, and identify the important steps required of effective leadership.

1. DevLearn 2014 Conference Review
In this article by the E-Learning 24/7 Blog, we learn about the conference Dev/Learn, one of the premier events in e-Learning. This article outlines some of the best (and not so great) new training opportunities on the market this year. Many of these options will help make change a little easier on your employees.

2. The Key to Change is Middle Management
In Benham Tabrizi’s article he outlines a study he did with 380 executives, managers, and change leaders to identify some key characteristics of the best change leaders.


3. Change Management Challenges in the Public Sector
In this article by Rick Platz of The Consultant’s Corner, he discusses just how change management strategies may differ in the public and private sector, especially where overreaching principals, and cultures differ.

4. Four Steps to Being an Effective Leader
In this article by Andrew Simon he discusses the work of Simon Sinek, the keynote speaker at a session he attended and author of “Leaders Eat Last.” He addresses the sacrifices that true leaders make for the good of the group and the benefit of the business.

5. 5 Things That Might Scare Employees About Change
Finally in this article we tackle the fear in change, and address the five main reasons that individuals are change adverse.

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