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Top 4 Change Management Reads

Top 4 Change Management Reads

1# The Dirty Side Of Change Management

Change management is one of the most daunting challenges that every organizations have to encounter. Simply put, it is the process of initiating and talking your organization through change. Nur-e Rahman Nichols looks at the dirty side of change management that you probably don’t know.

2# 10 Principle Of Change Management

Change managment ebook guide for donwload

We all know that change management is one of the most challenging phases in an organization. Not all employees and customers will embrace the change. Here are 10 principles of change management, complied by Strategy+Business that business should adhere to.

3# Alignment And Coordination Drive Bottom Line

What could be hindering you from achieving success? Are you focused enough to your goals and objectives? Alignment and coordination can help drive your bottom line. Learn how by reading this article by Daniel Lock.

4# Get Employees Gung-Ho About Change- Expert Interview with Bank of America

Check out this great interview I conducted with Bank of Americas former VP Change.

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