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Top 5 Articles in Change Management This Week

Top 5 Articles in Change Management This Week

1# Why You Should Build Change Into The Fabric Of Your Business


Despite the fact that at times change brings about unexpected outcomes, it is important to make it part and parcel of your business. Mark Lukens expertly look at importance of incorporating change in your business.

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2# Change Management: 4 Factors That Distinguish Success From Failures

Change is inevitable in any business that seeks to grow and expand its operations. There is need to manage the change professionally to avoid huddles. Here are 4 factors by Judith E. Glaser that can determine if your change management succeeds.

3# Leaders, Are You Betraying Your People?

Leaders are supposed to fully represent the views and needs of the people who they represent. However, some of the leaders betray their loyal followers. Sarah Agan looks at how leaders can determine if they are representing their people in the right manner

4# Small Business: Change Of Direction Driven By Passion

Changing from one professional or business can be a daunting task if you don’t know how to handle the change. You do not have to necessarily leave out all the skills acquired. Caitlin Sykes looks at how small businesses should handle change professionally.

5# Getting To the NBA Playoffs Is About Overcoming Changes

The NBA playoffs are parked with surprises and changes that usually hinder sometimes from making it through this competition. To achieve success, teams have to overcome various changes and constrains that come their way. Here is an article we wrote on how overcoming changes and challenges can help team succeed in NBA playoffs.

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