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Top 5 Change Management Articles

Top 5 Change Management Articles

1# 5 Ways to Increase Your Career Capital

A study carried out by Accenture organizations showed that 91% of respondents believe that successful employees are those who adapt to change. There is need to learn how to increase your capital so as to achieve success. Caroline Ceniza-levine takes a look at 5 ways of achieving this goal today.

2# 8 Change Management Commandments

Change managment ebook guide for donwload

Managers need to learn how to introduce change in their workplace to ensure that their businesses are not affected negatively by the change. Here is a list of 8 commandments on change management prepared by Gloria Ramsbottom to take you through the change process.

3# The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Change Leaders

Becoming an effective and efficient person is a goal every manager yearns to achieve. Daniel Lock takes an in-depth look at 7 habits that can improve your change management skills tremendously.

4# Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight: It Happens in These Five Stages

Change is a gradual process that does not just happen. Organizations need to handle change carefully to remain afloat. Amy Morin outlines the 5 crucial stages of change.

5# 3 Great Barriers to Software Change Implementation

Introducing a software change into a department may result in a backlash from the employees. Earlier this week I wrote an article on how to overcome change barriers. Here it is if you missed it the first time.

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