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Top 5 Change Management Posts

Top 5 Change Management Posts

1# Four Change Management Books (I Think) You Should Read

If you are anything like me, you love reading inspirational business books. They are packed with strategies and tips that are very sound and unique. Take a look at this article by Adra on four change management books that you should add in your library and read.

2# Managing Change In High Growth Mode

Change managment ebook guide for donwload

Increase in demand of your products and services will surely impact positively on your business growth rate. How do you cope with this change? Alexandara Levit gives some insight on how to manage this change and protect your credibility and reputation.

3# Every Leader Must Be A Change Agent or Face Extinction

This is one article that I found really intriguing and mind-opening. Every leader must be able to successfully implement change. Glenn Llopis looks at reasons why managers should be change agents.

4# Are You The Conductor Of The Change Orchestra or A One Man Band?

It goes without saying that technological advancement leads to changes. You should be a conductor of change by cooperating with your colleagues always. Here is an article that explains the benefits of doing this, written by Nigel Batty.

#5 Ayrton Senna, The Master of Change

Here’s one I wrote- On the anniversary of Ayrton Senna’s death, what can we learn from him on change management?

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