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Top Articles from the World of Change Management

Top Articles from the World of Change Management

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Voices on Project Management

Research studies have proved that one has to first create the desire for change before introducing a change initiative to the society. Here are some tips by Lynda Bourne on how to implement a change initiative and achieve the expected results today.

Making Change Management In The Data Center

Handling changes in management of data in a data center is usually a daunting task to most system administrators. Here is an expert talk by Evolven on how to effectively introduce change in management of data.

The Most Important Factor In Change Management- People

One of the most important factor that must be considered during change management is people. Paul Denny-Gouldson takes a in-depth look at how this factor impacts on change management and business improvement and R&D productivity.

How to Create New Organizational Habits

This is a common question among business managers that wish to improve the manner in which their organizations operate. This article by Christina Gomez will introduces you to various coveted secrets on how habits can be formed and used to diagnose group behavior and fuel change.

Don’t Blame The People, Blame The Process

Every successful business entrepreneur can attest to the fact that having good process is one of the sure ways of ensuring that a business attains its set goals and objectives. So, are all business processes good? NO. Here are some lessons from Duncan Haughey on how to introduce, choose and manage processes.

Employee Empowerment: A Key Force in Leadership

Most leaders managed to rise to higher ranks due to their unique empowerment skill. This is a virtue that every leader has to possess in order to meet the expectations of the organization and the society at large. Learn how employees’ empowerment can help you achieve short term and long term goals from Ken Myers.

Some Fun Change Management Exercises for Improvement 

For more than a decade now, gaming has being used to improve training. In this post, I provide a list of 4 change management exercises that you can use to enhance and streamline the training process.


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