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Top Articles of the Week on Change Management

Top Articles of the Week on Change Management

Hey everyone, I’m going to start posting each Friday some 5 or so articles – not from my own blog – that I found interesting this week. Hope you find them interesting as well.  I hope that it will help create a single, unified source for some of the top news and thoughts from the world of change management.

With that said, here are this week’s top articles on change management.

Best Practices For Change Management In The Data Center

Scott Matteson shares his guidelines for effective change management. Included among the advice is that you can never have too much redundancy, use a centralized solution to deploy updates and utilize multiple approval methods.

Are Your Change Leaders Managing Traffic?

Nathan Bennet suggests that what is missing in most organizations is a system in place to harmonize all of the changes that are taking place. He suggests that the person in control of this position needs to be able to make decisions under pressure, be able to envision how changes are occurring in relation to one another and possess an excellent memory.

Change Management: 5 Best Practice Techniques To Drive Adoption

Technology is responsible for a wave of innovation in the retail industry. However, these innovations have also created a challenge in trying to get employee’s to adopt the new technology. In order to achieve this companies need to do a better job of explaining why new technology is necessary before showing how it works. They also need to keep the learning process simple and anoint a leader to move the project forward.

17.1 Seconds To Update Change Management Workflow: Can You Beat That?

Crystel Misteli introduces Joshua Silverman who was able to modify change management workflow in CA Nimsoft Service desk in 17.1 seconds. Misteli interviewed the contestants at the competition and asked what was the main reason that they continued to use old releases. They suggested that the main constraint was having sufficient time to upgrade, do customization’s and test.

Pricing and Change Management: Don’t Let Your ROI-Boosting Insights Get Lost in the Big Data Mix

Ed Farquhar discusses the challenges of pricing a project. He says that the most important change that can be made is behavioral. For example he suggests encouraging sales people to stick to higher price points even when they face resistance from clients.

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