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Top Change Articles This Week

Top Change Articles This Week

These five articles are among the most interesting reads I stumbled upon this week.  Here I present you a variety of enriching reads about change management. Some are general articles that explain the whole process, while the others deal with specific, high magnitude issues that are frequent when dealing with the process.


5 Ways to Handle Change Management When Implementing ERP

This interesting read, discusses the assimilation of an ERP system in an organization.  While the article refers to the ERP system, it can be applied on any system assimilation or change management process.

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Change management – Stuck in the Past or Needs a New Mindset?

How technology improvements change the effectiveness of business? Are you aware of the benefits technological upgrades can bring to your business? This article shows those great benefits, in many areas.


Change Management: Everything You Need to Know

A detailed review of change management process, with interesting references about the necessity of the process. This article discusses the downside and the upside of change management, and brings up some interesting points.


7 Key Principles of Change Management

Here we present another view of the change management process, with a very enriching insight about the difference between natural resistance and ongoing resistance. In this article, we chare 7 important things to remember while implementing change.


Leadership  Agility:  Consistency and Agility are Not Enemies

Usually, when we think of accelerating a process, we think of inconsistency and unstable results. But it is not always the case, as we can actually accelerate processes without damaging the results. This article explains and demonstrate how we can do just that.

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