Pumpkins and Infographics – The best of October

The weather is getting cooler, pumpkin spice lattes are abundant, and the spirit of Halloween is in the air – it must be time for the October Best of the Month! While I may be too old to go trick or treating, I have been knocking around the internet asking for the sweetest infographics. So enjoy this list of print-worthy infographics that are sure to be a treat for the best change managers.

Common Change Challenges

The first infographic I’ve decided to share with you with month is from Steve Mollen’s slideshare on the overview of organisational change management. In this concise and to the point summary of the challenges facing change managers, Steve, from Global Technology Resources Inc, highlights problems to which change failure is most attributed. It is a good checklist of sorts to go by.

Four Key Actions to Change Mind-sets and Behavior

Change your mindset and your change will succeed. Tessa Basford and Bill Schaninger, from McKinsey, advise us to focus on four key actions to change mind-sets and behavior. The four areas highlighted in the graphic are presented in an easy to understand way as well as explaining why it works! Print it and put it on the wall! Thanks Tessa and Bill!


Communication Strategy Template

This Communication Strategy Template by Proko, formed part of an article on my Change blog. I explained that while many might think that communication is something that goes unsaid, it is actually one of the most difficult processes to learn and integrate in the workplace. Communication can certainly lead to optimization, employee satisfaction, and success for a company. Surely no company wants a game of telephone gone wrong.


Seven Questions That Should Shape Any Change

Now, including this post on my blog is a little bit of a cheat. So I’m hoping that you, my readers (and my editor) won’t mind. This infographic was posted in a series of infographics by Torben Rick earlier this month. This particular infographic is another one for the wall! In it we have seven questions that should shape any change, they are: Where are we? Where do we want to go? How ready are we to get started? What practical steps do we need to take? How do we manage the journey? How do we keep moving forward? How do we avoid mistakes?

New Managers Aren’t Getting The Training They Need to Succeed

This infographic deals with an area that I do not recall blogging about, which is why when it was discussed by Randy Conley, it interested me so much. The Ken Blanchard Companies conducted a survey of 400 managers and came to the conclusion that New Managers Aren’t Getting The Training They Need to Succeed. This infographic shows us why they feel the way they do.


One Clear Message

A nicely designed, easy to understand infographic is sometimes all it takes to get a powerful message across. Which is why this infographic by One Clear Message is so effective in giving over these five change management tips. Each point is clearly explained, broken down, and accompanied by a clever visual. Dare I say it, but print this as well!


Culture and Change

This infographic is a little more complex than some of the others, but with many clever and detailed layers it explains critical components to understanding the change process. Bruce Temkin places the importance of company culture and its influence on change in the foreground of this graphic:


Rules of Engagement

“Chaotic and childish” Those were the initial thoughts that popped into my head when I saw this infographic by Tanmay Vora, but then I took a closer look.

“Brilliant.” “Genius.” “Creative.” Those are the thoughts you will most likely experience when you grasp the intricacies of the design of the infographic by this Top 5 Indian #HR Influencer. Your printer is most likely running low on colored ink, but I’ll say it again – print it out!



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