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The Truth About Leading Change in Large Organizations

The Truth About Leading Change in Large Organizations

The business world is changing all around us and business owners need to be sure that their companies are keeping up. Essential to keeping up is change itself and today we’ll take a look at how to succeed in leading change in a large organization.

Change in a big company is like the 1980s ad campaign for Buckley’s Cold Medicine “It tastes awful. And it works.” Though it’s necessary, people are often resistant to change. It is important to understand that change is indeed essential and positive at the same time. While convincing you peers that it’s essential is important, it’s equally important for you to be motivated and sure-footed as you move your company forward.

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Choose to be the one Leading Change

The first thing you have to realize is that while change is inevitable leading change is a choice. Luckily you’ve chosen to take one step in the right direction by reading this article but there will be many more steps to go. If you see an issue in the structure of your company, take the initiative and change it. Leading change is not for the faint of heart, but if you feel that you have the inner drive to make your company a better place, hop to it. You’ll have many resources along the way and one day your peers will thank you for it.

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Maintain Your Optimism

We cannot stress this enough: leading change will not be an easy endeavor. You’re going to run into opposition from all angles, and it’s going to be a difficult and windy road. You might not always see the light at the end of the tunnel but remember that you need to keep your head up if you want to be effective in leading change. Optimism is very infectious, and will spread throughout your whole team if you keep your chin up. Pick a few quotes about optimism and write them on whiteboards throughout the office. It’ll brighten the day of everyone in the office. Use pop culture and other familiar references. Be sure to stay away from quoting “The Office” that is way overplayed.

Keep Asking Why

At times you may lose sight of why leading change is important. In the challenging months, you’ll need to continue asking ‘why’ to keep with the work. Keeping in mind why you started the project in the first place will help you see it through until it’s totally finished. Asking why helps keep you motivated and gets the job in a timely manner. It may sound a little bit crazy but here’s an interesting idea to try: frame a picture of the word “why” and put it on your desk. It will keep you motivated!

Leading change will be a positive reform in the long run but in those first few months, it’ll be a roller coaster ride. Keep choosing to move forward, keep thinking on the sunny side, and keep reminding yourself why you are choosing to lead change at your organization. Once it’s all done, you’ll feel like a champion and those who stood in your way will be patting you on the back in congratulations. Restructuring will be a challenge but we hope that with this article, it will be a bit easier for you.

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