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Weekly Roundup – Top Change Management Articles

Weekly Roundup – Top Change Management Articles

This week I’ve collected five extremely practical articles. From change management tools and techniques, to the qualities that will make you a truly successful change management leader – If you’re on your way to make a change, the information you’ll find in these articles will put you on the right track.

9 Reasons why you resist change

In order to successfully manage change in organizations, it is important to consider the tangible impacts of change and the personal impacts to those affected in the organization. By recognizing the reasons for any sort of resistance to change, you can develop a better relationship with your employees or employers because you can understand each other, and also be more prepared to tackle the anti-change spirits in advance.

5 Change Management Tools and Techniques to Master Now

How can we use force-field analysis and culture mapping to promote change? Let’s start by saying that change management is a very broad field and approaches used in managing change vary widely from organization to organization. After you define what the approach that your organization need is, you can read this article and start using these different methods to facilitate change in your company.

Change managment ebook guide for donwload

The organizational shadow impact

When we are promoting a big change, the head of the organization casts a shadow that influences the employees. The shadow may be weak or powerful, yet it always exists. That is why the senior team must be seen by the organization as living the values and “walking the talk”. This article, by Torben Rick, explains the importance of leaders being positive role models, and why it is the key to shape a winning culture in your organization.

7 Things leaders do to help people change

This article, by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman, presents the bottom line of a study that analyzed the behavior of more than 500 managers, and assessed the leaders on their effectiveness at leading change. These are the much needed qualities that will upgrade the managers’ ability to influence others to move in the direction the organization wants to go.  (Maybe you’ll be surprised to know that being extra nice isn’t on the list)

Change Management’s Balancing Act

As in all other spheres, in change management we also wish to maximize positive risk and minimize negative risk. But if we try too hard to avoid the negative, we could never take that serious leap towards change. So in this era, when we must change very fast in order to keep up – how can we still make sure we are not taking any more risks than we have to?

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