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What Makes A Change Process Fail?

What Makes A Change Process Fail?

Often business organizations wonder why various change initiatives fail. For a long time, managers have been looking for reasons why business process improvement does not go as planned and why employees too many times resist such initiatives. Managers always keep analyzing their plan and execution to find out certain areas where they committed mistakes, which perhaps could not have been rectified in time.

In uncertain (though slowly improving) economic times, it is very important for your process improvement initiatives to succeed. If they fail, you won’t be able to gain a competitive edge in the market. In simple words, you will lag behind your competitors in many different ways. Let us tell you about some basic reasons why change initiatives fail.

Inadequate Management or Leadership Support – The primary reason for failure in implementing process improvement initiatives properly is inadequate management or leadership support. Think of it like a new coach of a sports team, looking to change direction. The coach needs the backing of other senior team executives, the team captains, and of course the players. Management support plays a crucial role for the success of every process improvement initiative or change within your organization.

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Thus, it also becomes crucial for failure of these initiatives. In case your organization’s management is not sure about the initiatives and doesn’t want to sponsor them all the way through, it may not be an appropriate time to launch. You need to wait until you have found the right support and sponsorship from the management.

Lack of Continuous Improvement Lack of continuous improvement is another major reason for failure. Once you have successfully launched the process and management supports it completely, you need to monitor everything on a regular basis. You may require some important changes to improve the process continuously. This will help you stay focused on customer satisfaction.

Take employee efficiency and overall performance of operating a new enterprise software.  It’s a complicated learning process, one which can be quite frustrating for both managers and employees.  It’s important to provide effective training in using the software, and provide continuous performance support (WalkMe is a good technology here).  Yet you also need an effective way to monitor performance, ensuring the ability to focus on the right changes needed for improvement.

Too often, change fails in an organization because it was not properly reviewed, monitored and evaluated. Once you have implemented certain changes, you need to make sure that the change process is monitored and reviewed regularly. You need to make sure that it meets certain business objectives.

Pilot Conditions Not Adequate – It is very common, unfortunately, that business organizations launch a pilot program before launching a process improvement initiative in full force. Although there are many benefits of running a pilot program, some organizations rush into it. A pilot program is like a trailer of what’s ahead. Therefore, you need to use adequate resources and tools while launching a pilot program too.

It is unfortunate that many business organizations don’t consider the pilot conditions properly. This may lead to false assumptions among team members. They may believe that the whole initiative should be stopped as it is not going to work. You need to understand that a pilot program just shows a glimpse of what’s about to come. If a pilot program does not work, it does not mean that the whole initiative will fail.

Lack of Resources Lack of resources is one of the most common reasons why change fails in most business organizations. While implementing process improvement initiatives, you need to use all kinds of appropriate resources, especially when economic conditions are unsuitable. Whether we are talking directly about finance, or about shifting the proper human resources to execute the change management process, investment is key to success.

If you consider all these things before launching process improvement initiatives, they will give better results with minimum efforts.

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