Organizational Development Consultant Salary: What is Organizational Development, What Do Consultants Do, and How Much Do They Typically Earn?

Today’s technological working world puts pressure on organizations to evolve or risk becoming extinct. It’s common for companies to cling onto old practices through fear of change, especially when they’ve become so used to the status quo. Asking someone to change a habit of a lifetime doesn’t always go down well, and this can be

Human Resources vs. Organizational Development: What’s the Big Difference?

Human Resources vs. Organizational Development — are these two terms for the same thing? Actually, no. Between them, these two departments handle everything from recruitment to change management. While related, we’ll see that both of them provide different business solutions. Human Resources vs. Organizational Development: How Different Are They? Human Resources (HR) is the department

How to Implement a Management of Change Procedure

Change is everywhere we look, but more often than not comes with an uneasiness attached to it. When was the last time you welcomely embraced change? Has your organization established a change management 101? Despite the negative stigma that comes with the unknown, change is necessary if organizations are to remain competitive in the modern

The Importance Of Organizational Development & Organizational Development Interventions

Organizational development is at the heart of innovation. Though traditionally businesses would infrequently change things, today’s climate demands a different approach. Now companies must regularly change to keep up with ever-evolving consumer demands, and to incorporate the rapidly advancing scope of technology available. Organizational development is very important if companies are to remain competitive. But

Dealing With Organizational Change Processes the Right Way

Modern organizations are in a constant state of change. Those that aren’t will struggle to keep up with their fast-moving external landscapes. Today it’s a case of growing with the times or risk getting left behind. Businesses must be responsive, and positioned to rapidly adapt to new technology. Organizations must continually evolve if they’re to

3 Examples of Organizational Change: A Tech Giant Showcase

Examples of organizational change offer excellent insight into change management — what works, what doesn’t, and why. Virtually all of the Silicon Valley tech giants can serve as excellent illustrations. After all, most of them have undergone explosive growth and extensive change. Below, we’ll look at 3 of the biggest names in the tech industry.

Need to Make a Transition? 5 Proven Models for Change

Is your business prepared for its next transition? Implementing the right model for change can mean the difference between success and failure in change management. Choose the right model and you can increase employee acceptance, change requires planning, and ensure that changes stick. Choose the wrong model, though, and you’ll be fighting an uphill battle…

Change Management in Healthcare: Trends and Research

Change management in healthcare is ever-present, challenging, and demanding. Because of this, numerous change management frameworks have been explored and implemented around the world. Let’s explore change in healthcare from a bird’s eye perspective. Change Management In Healthcare: The Basics Change management in healthcare presents a slightly different landscape than change management in the private

Prosci Change Management 101: A Bird’s-Eye View

The Prosci change management model is focused on “the people side of change,” as they put it on their website. More commonly known as the ADKAR model, Prosci promotes a change management process that begins from the bottom up — that is, starting with the individual. Why Prosci Change Management Starts at the Bottom As