What is Change Management? The Three Levels of Change

A reluctance to change with the times can leave organizations stuck in the past. We live in a digital era where it’s essential to constantly grow in alignment with technological advancements. Change management has become paramount for company growth, but you’re probably wondering what is change management? If so, don’t worry you’re in good hands.

How to Implement An Effective Change Management Processes

Change is essential for survival, and a company’s character is defined by its willingness to adapt to change. In volatile business landscapes, you must evolve or risk becoming extinct. Change management outlines how an organization prepares and supports staff so they’re equipped with the skills necessary to improve performance. This is crucial in today’s digital

Happy Change-Giving – What Change Managers Should Be Thankful For This Year

Giving Thanks for the Change Management : The Ultimate Change Feast With Thanksgiving around the corner, many of us prepare to overload on a variety of the tastiest dishes known to man. Before we do this, I thought it fitting to give thanks for all the amazing change management inspiration, motivation and information that we’ve enjoyed.