What Is the Best Business Continuity Software?

Business continuity software can significantly streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and make it easier to actively maintain continuity programs. For the modern enterprise that is truly invested in building a robust and effective business continuity function, these platforms are a necessity. However, there are other tools and platforms that are equally important and should round out

How HR Can Prepare the Workforce for the Next Normal

Once the current outbreak comes to an end, the world will be entering a new phase – what research firm McKinsey calls the “next normal.” To adapt successfully, HR will need to begin preparing the workforce now. In the post-virus era, after all, many experts predict that significant changes will disrupt the economy, social structures,

Will the Business Landscape Return to Normal After COVID-19?

The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a deep impact on the economy and organizations around the world, but will the business climate return to normal after the outbreak has subsided? According to many experts, the answer is no.  There are several reasons why this is, which we will explore in this article.  Once we examine

BPS, BPI, and BPM: The Keys to Improving Business Processes

What are BPS, BPI, and BPM? And, more importantly, how can these practices enhance organizational performance? In this article, we’ll explore these concepts in detail, including: The definitions of BPS, BPI, and BPM How they are applied in modern companies How these practices and disciplines can improve business performance The best place to start is

What the New Standard Will Look Like After COVID-19

Once the COVID-19 crisis has passed, many experts claim, we will not be returning to the same economic reality that we knew before 2020 – instead, a new standard will dominate social and economic life. Preparing for that new standard will require foresight and a balance of strategically arranged initiatives that address each stage of

Business Process Standardization and Improvement: A Guide for CIOs

In this guide, we’ll explain how business process standardization, management, and improvement can benefit CIOs in today’s fast-paced and uncertain economy. Business process standardization is a practice within the discipline of business process management, aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. Though business process management is a discipline within its own right,

The Business Guide to Preparing for the Post-COVID New Normal

Once the current pandemic has subsided, will we return to “business as usual” or will we be entering a “new normal,” as many experts are predicting? Many suggest, in other words, that the current conditions we are experiencing – economic, social, as well as others – may have permanent and profound impacts on the way