6 of the Best Change Management Courses in 2020

Change management courses can help professionals learn valuable job skills and accelerate their careers. In this post, we look at some of the best change management courses offered in 2020. The Top Change Management Courses in 2020 Change has become a constant feature of the modern economy, thanks to digitization, disruptive innovation, the novel coronavirus,

Managing Change in the Workplace: Strategies for the Post-COVID Era

Managing change in the workplace has always been challenging, but those challenges have escalated significantly with the arrival of COVID-19. Before 2020, the economy was stable and growing, and business leaders more or less had a solid grasp of the market’s future trajectory. Once the novel coronavirus hit, however, economic stability was replaced with volatility

What Is an Organizational Change Orientation?

A change orientation acclimates employees to an organizational change program and, when properly implemented, these orientations can significantly benefit both employees and employers. Below, we will explore these benefits in detail, then look at how orientations should be structured and how they differ from other key elements in a change project. Why Is It Important

4 Tips that Can Improve Organizational Change Communications

Any organizational change program depends on effective change communications – employees must be aware of what is happening, why it is happening, and what their role is in a project. Change managers, therefore, must develop a change management communication strategy that is strategic and goal-oriented. Below, we’ll look at a few tips that can improve

10 Knowledge-Testing Change Manager Interview Questions

In this article, we’ll look at ten change manager interview questions that are designed to test candidates’ knowledge and abilities. Naturally, questions will vary from interview to interview, and there is no way to predict exactly which questions the interviewer will ask. However, one of the most common themes in any interview will be to

How Agility and Resilience Fuel Success During Radical Change

Over the past several years, economic change has been driven largely by digital innovation and disruption, yet with the arrival of COVID-19, business leaders must prepare for more radical change. Organizational resilience has therefore become a top priority for many companies around the world. In a stable economy, efficiency often takes precedence, and for good