Workday® Change Management: What is It and How Can You Use It?

Change is all around us. It sweeps through business environments, and ultimately shapes company culture. But how should you go about changing company culture? The very character of your company is defined by your ability to adjust to change, and embrace new initiatives as a core competency. Companies must adapt to a fast-moving business world,

Battle of the Change Theories: Lewin Change Management Model vs. Kotter 8 Step Process

If you’re a change management geek like me, you’ve probably asked yourself: who would win in a fight, Kotter or Lewin? The Lewin change management model and Kotter’s 8-step process are two of the most well known and respected theories in change management. But side by side, how do they measure up against one another?

ITIL Change Management: The Importance of an IT Change Management Process

ITIL serves as a framework for delivering IT services. These have become increasingly important in today’s technology driven business environments. It offers a systematic approach to IT service management, with enhanced focus on strengthening customer relations, managing business risk, and developing cost-effective practices alongside your IT change management. Source Image: Ccl Building a stable climate

Change Management Skills: What Do You Need to Be Successful?

Change is a word which doesn’t excite many, especially considering we’re creatures of habit. Change can generate uncertainty, and when we’ve grown to accept the status quo, the prospect of changing it can be daunting. That’s where a change management 101 pays dividends. Source image: Omnia Partners But why should change have such a negative

This Kotter Change Management Checklist Is The Best Tool You’ll Find Online

You’re spearheading a new change initiative, but you’re not sure where to start. Well, it’s not so much the start that’s the problem. It’s remembering all the elements you need to cover to make the change a success. Not being thorough about even one aspect of change management can lead to failure. Which is why

ITIL Change Management: Challenges and Benefits

IT is without question the most transformative department in industry. Subject to weekly, sometimes even daily changes, there is a vast scope for proper IT change management. After all, can you imagine simply implementing changes without readying staff, or outlining the associated risks? That’s where ITIL change management pays dividends. The process involves the management

Change Management for 2019: 5 Steps to Success & Common Failures to Avoid

Change management is an evolving concept which is here to stay. Change has become more prevalent across industry, so companies must get creative if they’re to manage it effectively in 2019. Change without effective management can cause disruption, especially with the frequency and complexity of change in today’s digital landscapes. The Building Blocks That Make