Why You Should Offer Short-Term Wins in Change Management

Short-term wins are a must in change management. They do not just help employees feel good about themselves – they help move the change program forward. Below, we’ll discuss: What short-term wins are How to incorporate them into your program The reasons that they matter so much Those reasons can make a big difference in

How to Build a Change Management Wiki for Your Organization (And Why You Should)

Why would you want to create a change management wiki for your organization? There are many reasons, in fact. Below, we’ll look at: Some important ways a wiki can streamline your project How to create a wiki – easily and for free What to include Don’t worry, the wiki does not have to be large

5 Change Management Process Steps to Institute Change

Having a set of easy-to-follow change management process steps can make organizational change much, much easier. In this article, we’ll look at 5 steps you can follow to implement and manage change in your business or organization. These steps are based on some of the world’s most tried-and-tested change models. Those, in turn, are based

Must-Know Change Management Terminology and Concepts

In this article, we’ll offer a quick survey of change management by exploring some core change management terminology and concepts. The terms and ideas below can serve as a quick refresher for change professionals. This list can also offer some insight into terms you may be unfamiliar with. Let’s get started. Change Management Terminology This

Change Management Basics: A 5-Minute Crash Course

In this short crash course, you’ll learn change management basics – what it is, why it matters, and how to get started. Change management is essential to effectively enact change. This is true regardless of the company size, industry, or product. A structured, well-designed approach to change management can ensure that organizational changes succeed. Let’s

10 Must-Know Change Management Success Factors

What are the biggest change management success factors? Below, we’ll look at a few key tips that can help you create change programs that drive real results. What Are the Most Important Change Management Success Factors? The following tips are crucial for any company that wants to successfully implement change. 1. Executive Buy-In Buy-in is