Why Organizational Change Processes Approach Change from the Individual

Why do organizational change processes approach change from the individual? After all, it seems that it would be easier to design systems, processes, and procedures … then have people follow them. Unfortunately, real change doesn’t work that way. Organizational change requires support from the ground up – from the individual level. After all, people run

A Complete Change Management Sample Job Description (Plus Tips for Job Seekers)

In this change management sample job description, we’ll include a range of traits, duties, roles, and titles that you could find during your job search. Plus, we’ll include tips for: Finding jobs Getting hired What questions to expect How to answer them And more. A Change Management Sample Job Description A job description can tell

A 5-Minute Change Management Guide for the Digital Age

Today, change practitioners need a change management guide that is modern, practical, digital, and relevant. They need, in other words, a guide that blends time-tested change management knowledge with digital best practices. A Change Management Guide for the Digital Age This guide presents an approach that balances both the human side and the digital side.

Should You Hire a Change Management Instructor or Expert?

A change management instructor, coach, or consultant can offer valuable expertise. Hiring a third-party professional can offer many benefits to an organization. However, each expert provides different solutions – and not all solutions are created equal. Below, we’ll explore: Reasons to hire a third-party expert What types of solutions they provide Potential drawbacks to hiring

How to Choose a Change Management Certification Program

What is change management certification – and should you get one? In this article, we’ll explore the question of certification in depth: What they are Why they can be good – and reasons not to get one Top certification programs Other ways to obtain change management training Let’s start with the most fundamental question: What

A Framework for Holistic Change Management

How is holistic change management different from other, more narrow change frameworks? Many change frameworks focus on specific areas, such as people or processes. ITIL, for instance, focuses exclusively on IT services management. ADKAR focuses on people. However, a holistic change management approach incorporates every aspect of change. Below, we will look at how you