How to Use a Change Management Funnel to Inspire Employees

A change management funnel can be your ticket to improving employee engagement and reducing resistance. In this article, we’ll explore what a change management funnel is, how to define your funnel, and why it’s so important to your success. Let’s get started… Change Management Funnel Defined A funnel is a concept that has been used

Proven Change Management Advantages from Google [RESEARCH]

Change management offers many, many advantages – the biggest being return on investment. Data has repeatedly shown that well-structured, excellent, and sophisticated change programs deliver better results across the board. Proven Change Management Advantages Google is no stranger to change management, and has even developed its own change management system. In one argument for innovative

How Google Models Change and Innovation: Lessons in Change Management

Google models change, change management, and innovation in ways that fit with the digital age. Like most other modern companies, Google understands the need for innovation, adaptation, and evolution. After all, companies that don’t evolve, don’t survive. Digital technology continues to drive innovation, competition, and the global economy. To thrive in today’s marketplace, companies must

ServiceNow Change Management: A Quick and Dirty Guide

The ServiceNow change management platform is robust, offering plenty of features for anyone working within IT services. This platform is widely used, and offers a change framework quite similar to ITIL. Though, as we’ll see below, there are a few minor differences. Overall, ServiceNow is one of the best choices out there for change management

Agile Change Management 101: A Crash Course

Agile change management is a new concept, one that carries great benefits for anyone involved in organizational change. By combining the principles of agile software development with change management best practices, we can get the best of both worlds. Below, we’ll explore the basics of agile and change management. Then we’ll see how they are