Change Management: Common Problems and 3 Top Principles

Change management is an instrumental philosophy in the business world. Its relevance has taken on a new identity since technology has transformed multiple sectors. It is now a permanent feature within most organizations, and given the ever-evolving digital realm, change management appears set to stay. Innovative technologies are rendering old business models redundant, especially since

Is Change Management Training Really Important?

Change is happening wherever you look, in both business and personal contexts. Though we can coordinate what’s to come, the future is difficult to predict, but what we can say with certainty is that change is inevitable. Climate change, political change, and changes to business landscapes are among the most influential considerations. We are creatures

How to Overcome Obstacles on Route to Successful Change Management

Organizational change gives companies an edge over competition. Differentiating from the rest is critical for success, but change can be disruptive when not executed properly. With a strategy that accounts for obstacles, you can implement measures to safeguard against negative outcomes. Transformative change management steps focus on human behavior, a vital consideration to ensure change

9 Proven Approaches to Successful Change Management

In today’s world, you must innovate or risk failure. This is especially relevant in the business landscape, where technological advancements are forcing the hands of companies. Organizations must be vigilant about their approach to change, with strategies that are readily adaptable. Gone are the days of businesses changing their processes every three years. The era

Why Are People So Resistant to Organizational Change?

In today’s cutthroat, ever-evolving digital world, you must evolve or risk becoming extinct. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate, forcing organizations to regularly assess their change management strategy. Businesses are in a constant state of change, so staff must be flexible, and continually ready to adapt to new circumstances. As humans, we settle into

Failures of Change Management: How to Avoid Going Wrong!

Corporate change initiatives are rarely successful. One finding even suggests a staggering 70% fail! This incredibly high figure got us thinking, what exactly is going wrong? The stakes are high for most companies, especially when considerable investments are pumped into change management. Other negative consequences include decreased productivity and reduced morale, especially when change management

The Pitfalls of Change Leadership: Why Do Most Initiatives Fail?

Organizational change is often perceived as negative, where the mere thought of it is enough to send employees into a frenzy. Our brains are hardwired to resist the unknown, mostly through a fear of uncertainty. Anything that deviates from our comfort zone is naturally resisted, despite there being potential for positive implications. As people, we