Why Change Management Sponsorship Is a Must – And How to Earn It

For organizational change initiatives to succeed, change management sponsorship is usually a necessity. Sponsors provide the visible leadership needed to drive a program forward, create a vision for change, and lend credibility to the change project. By staying actively involved in the leadership and governance of the project, they can ensure that programs remain a

6 of the Best Change Management Courses in 2021

Change management courses can help professionals learn valuable job skills and accelerate their careers. In this post, we look at some of the best change management courses offered in 2021. The Top Change Management Courses in 2021 Change has become a constant feature of the modern economy, thanks to digitization, disruptive innovation, the novel coronavirus,

Change Management: Ready or Not? (Future-Proofing Tips)

Change management – ready or not?  The future is coming quickly and the pace of change is accelerating with every passing year. Now more than ever, it is crucial for organizations to future-proof their workflows, the workforce, and the workplace. Future-proofing the organization, however, will often require significant change.  To successfully implement these changes, it

5 Categories to Include in a Change Readiness Assessment

A change readiness assessment is one of the most important tools in the change manager’s toolbox. When used properly, they can help managers better understand how ready the organization and employees are for change. That information is essential for designing change strategies that meet an organization’s specific needs. Below, we’ll look at the most important

What Is an Organizational Maturity Model? (3 Examples)

An organizational maturity model, a capability maturity model, is a tool that can be used to inform decision-making, offer strategic insights, and much more. Below, we will learn what an organizational model is, what they are used for, and how they can improve organizational performance. What Is an Organizational Maturity Model? In a business context,

4 Ways to Solve Change Fatigue

Change fatigue can be one of the biggest obstacles in organizational change projects, especially in the modern business, where change has become a constant. In a worst case scenario, change fatigue can even transform into resistance, if not cause a project to fail completely. A successful strategy for tackling change fatigue, on the other hand,

What Are the Most Valuable Levers of Change Management?

Since change management is a unique discipline with its own set of goals, priorities, activities, and strategies, it is important to have a proper set of change management tools, or levers of change. These levers of change, such as business plans and templates, can significantly enhance the performance and outcomes of business transformation endeavors. Below,