The ABCs of Change Management and Organizational Development

4.5 02 Change management and organizational development are critical business functions, especially in the modern age. Corporations, startups, and SMBs should all understand and develop these capabilities. Here are a few reasons why: Organizational change is becoming more frequent in the digital economy Change management can mean the difference between success and failure  Project ROI

5 Must-Know Trends in Change Management and Project Management

5.0 01 What are some of the biggest trends in change management and project management? Below, we explore 5 trends and how they: Affect change management and project management Impact project and business results Will shift over the next several years In today’s fast-paced economy, effective transformation is essential. Here are 5 trends that can

How to Adapt Change Management and Culture for the Digital Age

5.0 01 How should change practitioners approach change management and culture in the digital age? When faced with the volatile, fast-paced world of digital change, how should change management strategies evolve? Below, we’ll consider these questions, as well as: The impact of culture on change management  What cultural traits are desirable in the digital age

Change Management and Communication: 7 Tactics for Success

5.0 01 Change management and communication go hand in hand. Without effective communication, change projects will go nowhere: Employees will not understand what’s expected of them Executives won’t be able to keep tabs on a project Change managers won’t know how their project is performing or how it is perceived Employee resistance will likely spike

5 Quick Change Management and Leadership Tips

5.0 01 Change management and leadership skills are essential in today’s business environment. In a marketplace that keeps changing, change managers must evolve their tactics and their mindsets. Change Management and Leadership in the Digital Age On the one hand, change managers must develop cutting-edge tools, tactics, and strategies. On the other, they must learn

The Future of Change Management: 2019, 2020, and Beyond

5.0 01 What does the future of change management look like in 2019, 2020, and the 2020s? There are a few major trends that define change management today: New change management practices New technology developments The digital skills gap Digital workplaces and cultures Changing roles and responsibilities Below, we’ll explore these trends in detail, to

What Is Change Management in the Corporate World?

5.0 02 What is change management in the corporate world? Just as importantly – why does it matter? We’ll answer these questions by exploring: What change management does and how it works The benefits of change management How change management started What the future looks like for today’s fast-paced business world Let’s start by understanding