[Infographic] Emojis of Change: Telling the story of Change Management

Many of you will remember my 7 Emojis of Change Post – I decided to transform it into an infographic. Previously, I explained how the change process results in a whirlwind of emotions and those involved will, at times, struggle to deal with the new reality.   Another thought occurred to me recently, I wondered

Infographic: 7 Questions to Consider When Making a Change

Each and every company that has realized gains in the past few years has internalized the idea that change is the status quo. Managers have to rethink their tactics, strategies and business models at a higher frequency than ever before.  The most important aspect to organizational health is the constant and immediate changes an organization

Benefits of a Change Readiness Assessment Questionnaire

A Change readiness assessment questionnaire is essential in preparing a team for a change management initiative. Stop laughing, you know me. When have I ever lead you wrong? All organizations should look to improve their staff, products and client base. These are the key elements that will drive any business to success. With these new employees