Learning from China: How to Adapt the Workplace to COVID-19

Since China has been at the forefront of the battle against COVID-19, they have had to adapt quickly to the new normal. Companies throughout China have, of course, implemented telecommuting practices, but remote working is only the tip of the iceberg.  To stay operational and profitable during the crisis, many organizations have made extensive changes

4 Steps to a Change Management Communication Plan Template

A change management communication plan template sets out an easy-to-follow roadmap that managers can use when coordinating an organizational change project. Communication templates offer several benefits, such as: Speed. A template removes the need to research and formulate a plan, which, in turn, helps managers design and implement communication strategies more quickly. Simplicity. Templates, roadmaps,

A 10-Step Change Management Procedure Template

A change management procedure template can help change managers and business leaders streamline the design, development, and management of new change initiatives. Once customized to meet one’s own needs, a template can save significant time, money, and resources – while also ensuring that the change management process follows best practices and stays on track. In

Business Process Continuity Plan Tips and Tactics

A business process continuity plan can dramatically reduce the negative impacts of a business disruption. In an uncertain and volatile economy, having a continuity plan can mean the difference between survival and failure. Developing an effective plan, therefore, should be a prerogative in the digital age.  Not all businesses have experience in this field, however,

Business Continuity Plan vs. Disaster Recovery Plan: What’s the Difference?

A business continuity plan vs. disaster recovery plan – is there a difference? In today’s uncertain times, business continuity and disaster recovery have become top-of-mind for many organizations. During the COVID-19 outbreak, for example, businesses around the world realized the critical importance of contingency planning and emergency preparedness. However, there are a number of interrelated

Planning Business Change for the Next Standard After COVID-19

After COVID-19, the economic landscape will change dramatically, so companies should plan now for the next standard in the business world. Some may contend that there will be no “next standard” at all, but most evidence suggests that the world will not be returning to the same normal we once knew. For instance: Digital technology

How a BIA Can Assess Business Continuity Needs

How can a business impact analysis (BIA) help with the assessment of business continuity needs? As business continuity managers know, a business impact analysis forms a central part of the continuity planning process.  These analyses are specifically designed to predict how a business disruption would impact the organization, its operations, and its finances. They are