7 Digital Tools to Increase Productivity in HR

HR professionals who want to increase productivity have plenty of digital tools that can help out. This list will help you find new tools for: Onboarding and training Project management and change management Improving your own workflow HR functions And much more. 7 Digital Tools to Increase Productivity in HR Without further ado, let’s get

Organizational Change and the Future of Work: Top Trends

What does the future of work look like? Today, digital disruption drives transformation across the entire global marketplace. Today, we’ll look at some of the chief trends that drive organizational change. In the coming years, these will continue to transform every aspect of the digital workplace. Expect ongoing changes in: Our workflows The tools we

Career Development: The Hottest Digital Trend in 2019

Career development is set to be the hottest trend in 2019 and beyond. In today’s digitally disrupted world, digital skills are critical to survival. For this reason, upskilling, training, and career development have become a central focus for savvy organizations. Consider the following research: The consulting firm Mercer found that 96% of companies plan organization

Healthcare Management in the Digital Age

Healthcare management is being impacted by digital technology, but what changes are unique to this industry? Below, we’ll learn about healthcare management in the digital age – specifically, we’ll focus on how technology is impacting healthcare. We’ll learn about: Challenges posed by digital technology Opportunities presented Myths about technology Ultimately, we’ll discover that digital technology

What is Case Management and Why Is HR Case Management Training So Important?

We’re operating in a brand new business world where new initiatives arise by the second. Companies must be receptive and flexibly adaptive if they’re to remain competitive in today’s industries. Case management is a new concept which has revolutionized the HR sector, but what exactly is it and why do we need case management training?

How Will Your Organization Benefit From Contact Management?

Contact management is a vastly underrated principle, despite its relevance in competitive business environments. Customer retention is arguably the biggest initiative from a sales perspective, especially when considering 65% of a company’s business derives from existing customers. Loyal customers cost less to sell to, are more likely to refer you to friends and family, and

Risk Management In A Nutshell: Why Does Your Organization Need It?

Risk management is a concrete initiative in many business circles, long existing as a security measure and safeguard. It is especially important in today’s fast-moving business landscape, where companies must position themselves to make optimal decisions, identifying security threats along the way. Companies can be left vulnerable if not, a notion which elevates the importance

How to Initiate a Successful Talent Management Strategy

Cultivating talent internally is a leading initiatives for many companies around the world. But how do you go about managing talent the correct way? This question should be addressed if companies are to not only retain talented employees, but to maximize their potential. Talent management begins at the recruitment stage and extends through the duration