Organizational Development Theories vs. Change Theories: Which Should You Apply?

5.0 01 Are organizational development theories and change management theories the same? Or are they different? And – if they are different – which should you apply? Below, we will examine this issue in more detail, including: Whether organizational development theories are different from organizational change theories The history and relevance of both Which approach

Change and Organizational Development: Where Is Your Weakest Link?

5.0 01 What is your weakest link in change and organizational development? It may not be what you think it is… There are a few factors that contribute to transformations: Internal obstacles, such as budgets, tools, or culture External obstacles, such as business partners or vendors The prevailing paradigm In many instances, change managers focus

Does Your Business Environment Really Affect Employee Output?

5.0 01 The short answer is yes – your business environment really does impact employee output. But that answer isn’t very helpful.  To really profit from an improved business environment, we should learn: How the workplace affects employee performance, productivity, and mindset What we can do about it Effective ways to improve the business environment

10 Secrets of Great Organizational Change Management (OCM)

5.0 01 Great organizational change management (OCM) gets great results – from improved project outcomes to higher ROI.  In this article, we’ll look at 10 ways to get better results from your change initiatives. 10 Secrets of Great Organizational Change Management (OCM) In no particular order… 1. Build a Culture of Interdependence Teamwork is essential

Top Organizational Change Management Jobs

5.0 01 What are some of the best organizational change management jobs? In this article, we will look at a range of jobs related to organizational change management, including: Change management professions Jobs related to change management, either directly or indirectly Professions that relate to digital transformation, digital adoption, and other digital change practices To

Employee Learning From Top to Bottom: The Total Guide

5.0 01 In this total, complete guide to employee learning, we will cover the topic inside and out – from top to bottom. Among other things, we’ll cover: Frequently asked questions about employee learning The definition of employee learning Why it matters, both for employees and organizations Processes for improving employee learning Best practices of

Organizational Effectiveness: The Definitive, Complete Guide

5.0 01 In this complete guide to organizational effectiveness, you will learn everything you need to know about this topic – from step-by-step guides to FAQs. You’ll learn: The definition of organizational effectiveness Frequently asked questions Approaches, systems, and models of organizational effectiveness How employee motivation is related to organizational effectiveness Organizational effectiveness versus organizational

What Is Organizational Change Management (OCM)?

4.5 02 What is organizational change management (OCM)? More importantly, how is it relevant to businesses undergoing change? In this article, we will learn: What organizational change management is Its basic ideas and principles Other key concepts related to OCM Why managed change is superior to unmanaged change Among other things. To start with, let’s