Amazon: The Ultimate Change Management Case Study

Amazon’s innovations have helped it become extremely successful, making it an excellent change management case study. Since it was formed, Amazon has innovated across countless areas and industries, including: Delivery Warehouse automation The web server industry Streaming video and on-demand media Electronic books Considering that Amazon started as an online bookstore, these accomplishments are quite

Change Management Activities to Make Change Fun

Change management activities will help make your change initiative more fun, interesting, and productive. In this list, you’ll find change management activities such as team-building and learning games. But first, let’s cover a few benefits of change management activities. Why Do Change Management Activities at All? Change can be unsettling. Any organizational shift can impact

10 Change Management Influencers for 2019

Change management influencers, thought leaders, and authorities wield real influence in the industry. Below, we’ve collected 10 of the real change management influencers in 2019. You’ll find: Change management consultants Executives Business leaders And more. To make it easy for you to access their work, each profile below has links to: Websites Social media profiles,

Strategic Change 101: Compete or Get Left Behind

Strategic change is aimed at giving companies a competitive advantage in their market. It is big-picture business change, designed to help companies: Increase revenue Gain an edge over competitors Evolve to meet customers’ changing needs Take advantage of growth opportunities And so forth. Let’s look at what strategic change is and why it’s so important

20 Change Management Interview Questions (with Answer Guides)

Change management interview questions will focus on your expertise as a change manager. A good interviewer will mix standard interview questions with those related specifically to change management. Below, we’ll look at some of these “standard” questions. Then we’ll cover the main change management topics you should prepare for. Finally, we’ll see a few interview

“Make” Your Organization Change with Good Communication

Is it possible to make your organization change? It’s more possible than you might think. No, you shouldn’t try to force change. Change management professionals know that trying to force change will have bad consequences. Employees become more: Resistant Resentful Alienated Fearful And, as a result, change initiatives are less likely to meet their objectives.

Change Management Statistics: Why, What, and How of Change

Change management statistics can help us better understand where we’re at and where we’re headed. By diving into the research, we can discover data that can help us do a few things: Predict trends that will impact our organization Understand what works and what doesn’t Learn how to prevent common obstacles, such as employee resistance

5 Principles of Change Management

Knowing the principles of change management is more important that understanding techniques, tactics, or trends. Understanding principles will help you: Adapt strategies and models to your specific situation Create better programs that get better results Get more support from employees and executives alike Tactics can be useful, of course. However, it’s a mistake to focus

5 Keys to a Digital Change Management Approach

To keep up with today’s digital-first world, a new change management approach is needed. In the past, change management programs were discrete, one-time affairs. Today, technology pushes changes on us constantly. Keeping up with new technology, cultural norms, and organizational shifts can be challenging … to say the least. Developing a new change management approach