What Are The Benefits of Obtaining An Organizational Development Certificate?

Organizational development is an evolving term in business contexts, owing to the continuous innovation that’s necessary to stay competitive in today’s business landscape. To provide some context, the term can be viewed as the processes involved in improving organizational efficiency. This is merely a foundation to build on, so we must delve deeper to understand

Organizational Development Consulting – Managing Change Effectively

In today’s digitally driven industries change initiatives are commonplace, but how should you go about ensuring they’re implemented correctly? Well, a great place to start is by considering how change will be managed, where it’s helpful to get an external perspective which is free from bias. This is where organizational development consulting comes into play,

Change Management: What Is It and Why Should You Hire Someone With an Organizational Development Certification?

Change is inevitable, and often comprises a combination of positive and negative repercussions. From an organizational standpoint, the mere concept of change can send staff into a frenzy, and that’s before it’s even implemented! To provide some sort of method to the madness, change should be implemented with structure. This is where change management is

Organizational Development Degrees: Why & Where To Study

Organizational development degrees are the hottest thing on campus right now. That’s because organizational development (OD) is a super hot topic in business. And the more business experts talk about OD, the more opportunities there are to take a course in it. As a field of study, OD addresses common internal issues that lead to

Why Should You Supply Change Management In Your Organization?

Change is one thing that’s guaranteed in this world. Can you imagine living in a fixed state where nothing evolved? We go through so many transitions in our lifetime, in both personal and business contexts. Though you can execute change without any real strategy, when managed properly the positive implications are endless. As an organization,

How Stages of Change Models Can Facilitate Change Management

Everything you think you know about change management is wrong. Stages of change models can explain why. A common incidence of change gone wrong: Your staff are showing resistance toward learning new processes and digital software. Why is this resistance occurring? Lack of leadership, yes. Fear of the unknown, certainly. But ultimately, they just weren’t

Dealing With Organizational Change: Change Models and Approaches

Change helps businesses transition into new beginnings, but when it isn’t dealt with effectively there can be undesirable outcomes. The ultimate goal with change initiatives is to improve productivity, while fostering in a new era of customer-centric operations. This helps organizations differentiate from the competition, where they can optimize results by implementing new practices. So

7 Fun and Engaging Change Management Exercises

The widely-accepted theory of change is that we all have a natural human tendency to resist it. But organizations must change in order to thrive in an always changing market. So how do we deal with change in a productive and non-threatening way? From Kotter’s 8-Step Process for Leading Change to “Who Moved My Cheese?’