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Change Management January 29, 2024

The McKinsey 7-S Model: A comprehensive guide

Companies must adapt to change to stay competitive and grow in today’s challenging market. Change is crucial for keeping...

Change Management January 25, 2024

12 types of knowledge: definitions and examples

Your organization relies on knowledge. This knowledge, encompassing various aspects like product marketing, employee recruitment, and daily meetings, is...

Change Management January 24, 2024

What is the ADDIE model for instructional design? (2024)

In the world of instructional design, so much has changed in the past two decades. Technological trends have been...

Change Management January 10, 2024

How an employee feedback loop makes your company stronger

Employees are one of the most undervalued sources of company feedback. Rank-and-file staff don’t always have it right. But...

Change Management January 9, 2024

How to develop an onboarding buddy program

Why are onboarding buddy programs important_

Change Management January 8, 2024

Bridges Transition Model: An Overview

Change is a constant on the journey towards growth and success, offering numerous opportunities and benefits. However, it can...