5 Change Management Tools and Techniques to Master Now

Change management is unique to every organization, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach. But using the following change management tools and techniques in developing an approach that closely accounts for the needs of your organization will ensure a successful transition. Try WalkMe’s step-by-step guidance platform to make change management smooth and simple. Why Change Management

5 Types Of Organizational Change

The types of organizational change are numerous factors which may force companies to make these organizational changes. As a forever evolving organization, one should strive to continuously grow. To grow, one needs to change. Constantly shifting the systems that have been in set in place can be destabilizing. Many factors affect the need for change.

What the Dinosaurs Can Teach us about Change Management

By: @VictorLipman1  This post is adapted from an earlier article by Victor Lipman on Forbes.com With a single cataclysmic event, the dinosaurs that walked the earth for many millions of years were extinct, relegated to museums and memory. The complete extinction of the dinosaurs was largely the result of their failure to adapt and evolve. This