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Five Tips for Managing Project Change Requests Change in any department needs to be effected with utmost care and diligence. Failure to do that, the IT teams and business users will have a pretty rough time. Elizabeth Harrim keenly analyzes five steps to managing project change requests, seamlessly. Avoid Extinction: Become A New Breed CXO

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#1- Why Is It Important For Change Management To Change In Digital Economy? Paul Boag writes that change management is essential in the modern digital economy. Simply put, the change management process makes it easier both for small companies and large corporations to adapt to the ever-evolving conditions of the market. Change cannot be controlled,

Planning for Change – 5 Key Tips to Make Change Management Work Best

Change management entails thoughtful planning and careful implementation, and above all, consultation with and strategic involvement of the people affected by the oncoming changes. These three requirements effectively combined are what determine if the change that is being introduced is going gain popularity amongst the organization’s key stakeholders. This article will present 5 tips for