How to Introduce a New Feature to Change-Resistant Users

Each year, millions of dollars are spent creating new and cutting edge software in an effort to keep up with the ever-changing and evolving tech landscape. Additionally, companies invest heavily in change management facilitators and programs to aid the introduction of new features. The most difficult part about introducing new features is that change requires

This is Perhaps the Best Lesson You Can Learn from the Yahoo Acquisition News

Despite bursting onto the scene as one of the most noteworthy web pioneers of the dot-com era, the biggest story in the tech world today is the Yahoo acquisition news, where the tech giant finalized an agreement to be acquired by Verizon for $4.83 billion in late July.   According to press reports, discussing the

A Guide for Muggles: The 3 change management obstacles we’d fix with magic

I was recently reading an article by John Kotter, on his 8 Step Change model and how to build successful change management plans, my hyperactive brain immediately associated the Harvard Business School professor’s name with that of a certain famous wizard – yes, you guessed it – Harry Potter. I thought to myself, “What if

Pokémon NO – Pokémon Go and Change Management terms which have been overused

Pokémon Go is just another one of those trends that has taken the world by storm, and leaves you scratching your head thinking: “We get it. You like Pokémon. Can you drop it already?” Likewise, there are some trends in Change Management that leave me feeling the same way. “The change is going to be agile,

How the OKC Thunder Can Cope With Losing Kevin Durant Through Smart Change Management

Change management is no small task. Whether you’re part of a company, sports team, or social group that’s undergoing a dynamic shift, you’ll inevitably confront frustration and doubt. Unfortunately, change is an inevitable part of life, and we humans have no choice but to adapt or die. Though change management is most often understood as

The 3 Phase Plan to Individual and Organizational Change Management Integration

I recently came across this wonderful infographic by Kakie’s Corner which effectively breaks down Change Management into 3 simple phases.  For all you change managers out there, print this table out and consider it your bible. In order for a professional to be able to help a company with organizational change, he’ll have to navigate