Change Management WalkMe TeamMarch 20, 2018

21 Ways To Reach Change Management Success

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21 Ways To Reach Change Management Success

Although every organization is different, organizational change rules remain the same! Failure is failure and the reasons and solutions for failure are usually the same as well. In order to be career orientated and succeed one needs to be aware of ‘Change Pitfalls to Avoid’.

This great detailed infographic, created by Rick Torben shows 21 known pitfalls to be aware of.

My favorite being no. 5 – Failure for a compelling urgent case for change. It’s very easy for one to be to comfortably stuck in the same routine – don’t let that be a reason for changes to seem less important! It’s okay to stand out and be the one to instigate the change in your organization this coming year! Good Luck!



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