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3 Popular Change Management Applications You Should be Using

3 Popular Change Management Applications You Should be Using

When it comes to reviewing best change management applications, there are some important aspects that must be taken into consideration. Using a change management tool is arguably one of the best ways to manage a change in a business, or an organization. This program enables the change management team to set up processes and procedures. Not only does it keep track of change requests, but it also manages document versions and enhances collaboration among team members. Following are some of the best applications being used for this purpose:

Seapine CM:

Known as a software change and configuration management, the SCCM, or Seapine CM is a sophisticated application that has the ability to perform multiple processes. This tool is designed to work efficiently with small, medium, or large size organizations. This software tool can effectively manage all of the changes that are related to the software application. This helps change management team to keep track of change requests, source code changes, and feature requests. In addition to that, Seapine CM also helps the management team to figure out who made changes in a code and what was the major reason. Moreover, Seapine CM can handle email notifications, triggers, and advanced branching.

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Borland StarTeam

One of the best change management software tools, the Borland StarTeam is a web-based application that helps members to communicate with each other, regardless of their location. This software program provides a central storeroom for all types of digital resources of an organization, like change requests, tasks, files, and requirements. Moreover, Borland StarTeam keeps track of defects. This tool has a Change Request component that issues alert to the change requester when the change has been implemented. This is available in two versions; Enterprise and Enterprise Advantage.

BMC Remedy Change Management

BMC Remedy Change Management has the ability to manage change in any kind of IT environment, whether it is a data center or small business. This program follows Information Technology Infrastructure Library. This IT library is a worldwide set of best practices that offer a structure for information technology service management. This application allows the change management team to implement the change procedures.

BMC Remedy Change Management helps the management team to remain updated and informed about every task. In addition to that, it allows the team to check all necessary details, such as the due date as well as the task’s status. This application also provides features like Service Impact Analysis. This illustrates how a change will impact the services of an organization before it being implemented.

With that being said, when you are looking to utilize a change management application, it is important to consider the specific needs and requirements of your business. The organization must consider the proficiency and skill-set of the change management team, before deciding to incorporate any such application or tool. Moreover, the team members must be sufficiently trained to be able to achieve optimum results. Thus, these three change management applications are certainly the best when it comes to managing any change in an organization’s management structure.

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