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5 Articles That’ll Help You Make Your Change Process Better

5 Articles That’ll Help You Make Your Change Process Better

Welcome to another monthly roundup of the must-read articles by the best in our field! A lot has happened this month, the first month of the year, and there’s a lot to catch up on. In order to save you precious time going through the trouble of looking for the right articles to read, I have summarized the 5 most important articles of the month. Enjoy!


4 Things Successful Change Leaders Do Well

Two-thirds of the large scale transformation efforts fail – This is one discouraging statistic, and this is where Douglas A. Ready steps in, with four things all successful change leaders have in common. But before he does that, he makes sure we all recognize the tensions and paradoxes on the way to success, like globalization vs. simplification, or innovation vs. regulation.

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3 Lessons On Change Management From The Stories Of Alan Kurdi, Alexis Tsipras And COP21

The past year was filled with stories and insights on passion, persistence, perseverance, the human spirit, leadership and more. In this great article, Debashis Sarkar shares the lesson he has learned this past year on change management, with the use of recent and relevant examples, not taken from the business world, like Alan Kurdi, Alexis Tsipras And COP21.


Why a Formal Game Plan is Critical for Change Management Initiatives

As more and more companies adopting the idea of agile change management, Kathy Close shares her take on things, emphasizing the importance of creating a formal “game plan” before implementing change. Developing an action plan in advance, she says, can help managers and employees overcome the fear of change. I highly recommend going over her “preparations for change” guideline!


Change Management and Leadership Development Have to Mesh

“Leadership development and change management tend to be top priorities for many organizations. In spite of this, a majority of organizations tend to fall far short of their goals for both. One major reason organizations struggle is because they treat both leadership development and change management as separate rather than interrelated challenges. Cultural changes cannot happen without leadership, and efforts to change culture are the crucible in which leadership is developed.” – Read Ryan W. Quinn’s fascinating article on the change-leadership connection.


5 Make-or-Break Steps in the Agile Change Management Process

Many software developers understand that change is inevitable and products evolve over time. It is inefficient to have detailed goals and plans at the beginning of a project. They have adopted a strategy called agile change management, which begins with the development of only basic goals and timelines. In order for developers to more efficiently manage their time and resources, they learn to embrace change and minimize wasted time and effort.

In this post, you can find a few tips to successfully manage change using agile change management.

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