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5 Inside Sales Tools for Enablement

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5 Inside Sales Tools for Enablement

Perhaps the biggest development in the sales industry in recent years has been the shift to “inside sales”. Inside sales are sales conducted over the phone or through the internet, rather than the traditional face-to-face model. In fact, many traditional sales these days are facilitated through inside sales methods. Inside sales is key to your company’s success, but adapting to this new paradigm presents a host of challenges. How do you get your sales team ready for this technologically-driven, fast paced sales method? The answer lies in sales enablement.

Sales enablement is a slippery concept—you could call it an approach to increasing sales productivity, but that’s a little broad. You could call it a process that equips salespeople to systemically hold valuable conversations with customers. You could define it as training your staff with the tools to improve sales execution. Essentially, sales enablement is about getting your employees to the starting line with the knowledge and technology they need to make the sale. It’s like making sauces before the restaurant opens, or training before the marathon.

1. WalkMe

A key part of inside sales enablement is using advanced tools like WalkMe to help your reps make more sales, upsells and cross-sales. Gartner has listed WalkMe as one of the top sales enablement tools in the world, because it helps employees know the CRM front to back, and it allows them to access information (and offers) quickly when speaking to customers. WalkMe’s attractive and simple interface ensures successful customer onboarding. Furthermore, it improves customer loyalty and retention. The use of intelligent inside sales tools like WalkMe can do wonders for your company’s productivity and sales enablement, and it’s no wonder that large enterprises like PayPal, eBay and Adobe rely on it heavily.

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2. GoToMeeting

Another inside sales tool for sales enablement is GoToMeeting, a platform for online meetings. By cutting down on travel time, GoToMeeting leads to more meetings with new prospects, more relationships with clients, and more sales. The less time you spend in airport lounges, the more time you can spend face to face with clients, and that translates to greater sales efficiency. Its clear audio and video keeps your clients happy, and its significant savings on travel costs are an additional bonus. In combination with context-intelligent platforms like WalkMe, GoToMeeting can be a useful tool for your company.


3. Yesware

Yesware is another inside sales tool that tracks email open and reply rates, link clicks, attachment opens, and pageviews, providing valuable data that helps your sales team shape and refine their messaging. When your salespeople are better prepared, they are better able to meet your clients needs. As the manager, you will be able to use this data to advise your team on how to best engage with both clients and prospects.


4. RingDNA

RingDNA provides inside sales tools for the phone—like automatically dialing from numbers with local area codes, automatically leaving voicemails, and automatically matching callers with the best closers on your team, as based off Google AdWords keywords, page views, content downloads, and other metrics. This sales enablement means your team will use their time more efficiently, spending less time per sale.


5. Calldrip

Calldrip times your outgoing calls so that you reach your clients while they are online and engaging with your brand, leading to more closes and less missed opportunities. Calldrip is easily integrable with comprehensive platforms like WalkMe, making it easy for your salespeople to utilize all inside sales tools.

There’s no better way to position your salespeople to engage with prospects and close sales than sales enablement. By utilizing today’s best inside sales tools, you can save time and cut out waste.


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