5 Inside Sales Tools for Enablement

Perhaps the biggest development in the sales industry in recent years has been the shift to “inside sales”. Inside sales are sales conducted over the phone or through the internet, rather than the traditional face-to-face model. In fact, many traditional sales these days are facilitated through inside sales methods. Inside sales is key to your

4 Phases of Employee Distress & How to Handle Them

Oftentimes employees react negatively when hearing about a proposed organizational change because a fear of the unknown. Let’s take a look at four main phases that employees typically go through during periods of organizational change and how you can best handle them. 1. We’re Doing WHAT? The Initial Shock New changes can leave employees feeling

What If All Change Managers Could Be like Apollos Hester?

Why has a video of a high school football player’s post-game speech gone viral? A post-game interview with Apollos Hester had been viewed more than 4.9 million times in 72 hours on YouTube. “It’s an awesome feeling when you truly believe you are going to be successful. Regardless of the situation and the scoreboard…Win or