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5 Must Reads Articles – Change Management

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5 Must Reads Articles – Change Management

Its reaching that time of year where everyone’s great concern is there diet change. We all know from experience that we don’t know like and our body takes a while to deal with the change as well. This is like change management. It takes time for us to see good results and for everything to feel normal again. These 5 articles all show different aspects of change management and when taken into account will help times of change be more easily implemented.


Most interesting Change Management Articles

Here we have the 15 most interesting change management articles from 2015. From how to change your mind-set to the role of social media. Let’s hope 2016 brings us even more interesting ideas and helps move towards a better organisational future.

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Making change with PowerPoint

 Here Phil Buckley explains how to better communicate using PowerPoint and how the use of images can be more beneficial to an organization than phrases. To be able to use PowerPoint more effectively is an important skill to all employees.

Did you know that ‘40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text’?


The Future of Change Management

Braden Kelley’s insight to Change Initiative cleverly points out how successful change  can be reached with a clear plan. He believes that ‘70% of change efforts fail due to lack of alignment’. Something interesting shared here is that he doesn’t believe in using a change agent but that change should be ‘inspired by a motivated change leadership team’. – sorry but effort is down to you!!


7 Things your Team Needs to Hear You Say

Marcella Bremer shares an interview she did with David Dye on leadership lessons and how better built teams produce better results. They discuss the needed balance between management and leadership skills and good working relationships need to be built. The combination of Marcella’s clever questions and David’s expertise this article shouldn’t be missed!


Insightful Quotes on Change Management

We can thank Peter Orban for gathering these quotes for us. Nothing better explains change management better than the influencers themselves. As one of these influencers points out, ‘We are in the midst of a human-data revolution.’ Its amazing what we learn from others!

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