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5 Things that are Wrong with your Change Management Approach

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5 Things that are Wrong with your Change Management Approach

Making changes can be really easy if you have the correct approach. Unless you’re some kind of management approach unicorn, you probably make some of the classic mistakes.  Have no fear, because below are five things wrong with your change management approach.

1. You Assume Multi-step Methods Include Amazing Change Management Approach

Following Kotter’s 8 step plan isn’t black and white, it is just a guideline.  Employees aren’t just going to change how they do things because try to force them to.  In order to have a successful change management approach, you have to inspire them, otherwise it will do more damage than good.

Change success only happens if you are prepared for all the twists and turns that it takes to get there.

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2. When Announcing New Changes, You Tug at the Wrong Strings

People respond better when they know change is for the good of society or themselves.  How will it impact them?  How is it better for the customer?  Will it improve their work environment?

Often, a leader of change management will attempt to explain changes to employees with a rational, business-like approach.  Do not explain reasons for change as ‘regaining our leadership position in a changing market,’ or by saying, ‘performance is below industry standard and we can get back to the top if we do x,’ because that won’t inspire anyone.

Human beings need a motivation to change and your employees are human beings.

3. You’re Trying (and failing) to Take the Easy Way Out

If you want to actually get somewhere, you can’t just change a part of your process, you have to go all the way and change the entire structure.  It just won’t work any other way.  Change management needs to be an integral part of your overall business plan and not an add-on or afterthought.

4. You’re Either Too Negative or Too Positive

You must present both the positive and negative to make the change work.

Either you are only focusing on what’s wrong and needs to be fixed, or only on what you have and how much better you can be.

Focusing on the negative too much will lower morale and motivation to change, but focusing too much on the positive can be bad because people often don’t want to risk losing what good they have with change.  They aren’t thinking about how much better it can be if the change is successful.

5. You’re Ordering Change from Employees Without Teaching Them How

You must make certain that your employees have the skills to enact the change.  Workshops and training over a period of time can help them gradually adjust and apply the new methods that need to be implemented.

However, if you think that channeling Gandhi is enough inspiration to make the change work, you already lost the game.  While setting an example is normally important and effective in inspiring change, in practice that does not get you anywhere.

In conclusion, your change management approach is important if you want to be a star boss.  You must find a way to make your employees passionate about the cause.  You must know not just how to order them around but how to lead them.  Your plans must be thorough and you must be ready for the ups and downs of implementing change.

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