3 Ways to Support Employee Mental Health

How should employers address the issue of employee mental health? Opinions on the matter differ. Some feel that employees’ mental health issues aren’t the responsibility of their employer.  Others feel that, since employees’ mental health does impact organizational performance, employers should offer at least some support in this area. Below, we’ll explore this issue in

4 Challenges of Managing Hybrid Teams – And How to Solve Them

Hybrid teams and workplaces present new opportunities for the modern workplace, but they present new challenges as well. Managing teams who work half-onsite and half-remotely, after all, requires new communication protocols, new workflows, new digital tools, and new management practices, among other things. Below, we’ll learn how managers and team leaders can address some of

3 Ways Hybrid Workforce Solutions Can Boost Employee Performance

Hybrid workforce solutions, such as automation platforms and remote training software, can accelerate employee learning and boost productivity. In this post, we’ll look at several remote tools that can enhance the digital employee experience and keep employees effective in today’s hybrid, modern workplace. 3 Ways Hybrid Workforce Solutions Can Enhance Employee Performance Almost overnight, workplaces

5 Predictions About the Future Workforce and Workplace

The future workforce will look different in many ways from today’s workforce. Given the changes sweeping the global business landscape, this shouldn’t be surprising. After all: Digital disruption is driving digital transformation across organizations and industries Remote working has become widespread, and many employees want to keep telecommuting Organizations are restructuring and changing business models

How to Design a People-Driven Workplace Transformation Plan

Workplace transformation has not only become common in recent years, it has become an imperative for any company that wants to stay relevant and successful in today’s uncertain times. Today’s economy is volatile, after all, and many organizations have adapted by transforming workplaces, upskilling workforces, restructuring, and redefining their operating models, among other things.  Below,