Amazing Infographic: Understanding the Different Layers of Change Management

Making a change is never easy – but if you take it step-by-step you can make it work.  This infographic by G2G3 illustrates the different stages of managing organizational change the right way.

For example, the first phase in the model is called “Discover”. In the first layer, the employees are dealing with the first shock and that’s why, on the way to the bridge, the person who’s leading the charge should involve them and ask for their feedback. In the bottom layers – the surveys, plan and readiness consulting should help you decide how ready the organization is for the upcoming change and what exactly your targets are.

By understanding that change has different layers, and that each one should be treated and assessed in its own way, one can oversee the process of change and makes sure it’s headed towards in the right direction.

By following this model you can prepare yourself for the challenges that lie ahead.

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