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Because it’s A Leap Year – The Best of February

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Because it’s A Leap Year – The Best of February

This month, like every month, I searched for the best articles on the subject of Change Management. However, because of late I have been preoccupied with the challenges of leading through change, the trend of leadership is quite prevalent in the articles I have chosen to share with you this month.

But why is the way a leader acts during change so critical? Change often leads to uncertainty and in times of uncertainty it is vital that the leader is the one leading the change and more importantly, is invested in the transformation. With that, I present to you my 5 articles of the month:


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1. Change Management: “Everything Needs To Change So That Everything Can Remain The Same”

Alastair Dryburgh writes a great piece, explaining how change management can be framed in terms of a struggle between the forces of “change” and the forces of “resistance.”  A must read!


2. 3 Critical Change Management Steps – Call Centre Helper

Simple is often best. Colin Shaw succinctly breaks change management down into its three most vital steps:

– Incenting the behavior you want to see

– Considering the Employee Experience

– Remembering your people need your support

A well written article with clear logic which is easy to follow.


3. 3 Steps For Risk-Based Change Management in GRC

Carole Switzer addresses the nuances and the 3 questions one must ask oneself when it comes to Change management in GRC.

4. Where Change Management Fails

Knowing where others have failed, so as not to repeat their mistakes. All the vital statistics and Do’s and Don’ts. Emphasis is put on the importance of early communication and managing expectations. Further, the writer agrees that recognizing that the implementation is only the start is critical. The new process is the beginning of your company’s future and requires ongoing communication and training for employees.


5. Accept the grieving process in change management for executive success

William Buist tells us what it means to be a change manager. What skills do you, and your candidates need to be able to successfully engineer change.


6.  Leading in Times of Change: What Breed of Leader Are You?

The most critical aspect in times of change is leadership. A captain to steer the ship through the stormy waters. Now, this article by Rose Fass is by no means recent, however when I saw it yesterday I knew that I had to share it. I took from the article one of my new favourite quotes: “Lead the Change Before the Change Leads You”.


7. Where do Change Managers Belong on the Organizational Chart?

I address the ‘identity crisis’ facing many Change Managers out there. Where do you belong?

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