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Benefits of a Change Readiness Assessment Questionnaire

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Benefits of a Change Readiness Assessment Questionnaire

A Change readiness assessment questionnaire is essential in preparing a team for a change management initiative.
Stop laughing, you know me. When have I ever lead you wrong?
All organizations should look to improve their staff, products and client base. These are the key elements that will drive any business to success. With these new employees and products comes another dreaded word. Change.
“But Chris,” I can hear you asking. ”Is all of this really necessary? We have a good team and strong tools. Change is messy and confuses people.”
That is why a change readiness assessment questionnaire can help. When assessing your company’s change readiness there are important factors which you should consider.


Important note: Change readiness assessment data is used as one of the parts of change management planning. The information is used to formulate strategies that fit both unique attributes and changes of an organization.
Now where were we? Ah yes.

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1. Assessment Enables Your Organization to Select the Best Change Management Team Size and Team Model


This is one of the best and critical moves of an assessment. You only want to get the best for your clients. After defining your objectives and goals, the next step is getting the best team to drive you towards those goals. This is where a change management assessment questionnaire is essential. It will help you to get the best team size and model to take you to the next level.


2. Change Readiness Assessment Questionnaires Help in Selecting the Best Support System and Sponsorship Model


Support systems are made up of equipment, manpower and the materials needed to achieve your organizational objectives. The sponsorship model is the method laid down to achieve the end goals. A change management assessment questionnaire while give you a clear picture on what methods and channel to use in your organization in order to move to the next level.


3. Assess the Risks and Also Identify the Possible Obstacles


The questionnaire will not only protect your employees and organization but also help you remain compliant with the various laws which will save you a lot of time and money.
Here are some steps you can consider when dealing with a risk or possible risk which may occur in future.
• Identify the possible obstacle or hazard
• Identify who or what it might affect and how it may affect the organization
• Formulate and evaluate the possible risk and come up with the appropriate measures
• Record the findings and implement them whenever needed.

4. It Helps the Organization to Customize the Right Training Plans, Communication Plan and Sponsorship Activities

The change readinesschange readiness assessment questionnaire helps the organization understand and capitalize on the right channels of achieving business objectives. It gives management a clear picture of the right training plan, communication channel plan and sponsorship channel which they should consider formulating in order to take move to the next level of success.


Many organizations don’t consider the change readiness assessment questionnaires to be important. All I have to say about that is try it and see how it works for you.

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