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Best Articles of the Week

Best Articles of the Week

This week, as usual, we will try to give you a taste of the most interesting ONLINE articles about change management .

The articles presented to you here are of a variety of topics, from key principles to commit a change, to an interesting infographic about employee motivation.

10 Principles of Corporate Transformational Change

CEOs and the entire company management always have to look down to the working force, in order to be a successful enterprise. This article reviews the principles the upper floors have to stick to when committing a change in the workplace.

Change managment ebook guide for donwload

Why Change Management Is Important

A third part in a series of interesting blogposts about the importance of change management.  Inside, there are links to the first two parts, which I highly recommend that you’d read.

Is Change Management Necessary?

People are running enterprises, and not the other way around. This article explains how to predict the people (management, employees, etc.) reaction to the change, and suggests ways to deliver the word of change in order to make the people reaction to it more sympathetic.

Baby Steps to Change Management

A smart person learns from other people’s mistakes. This article review common failures that happens in change management – all you have to do is to learn from those mistakes.

Great infographic: Motivation

There is an old saying that says: A good picture is worth a thousand words. this great infographic describe how to optimize change management with employee motivation. Check it out.



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