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Best Change Management Articles of the Year

Best Change Management Articles of the Year

By: Chris @ChangeMBlog Smith

In this year’s best of change management we took a look at the importance of the change process from a manager’s perspective, the principles of change management, how change management can be bigger than leadership,  techniques in overcoming resistance to changeovercoming resistance to change and the process required to identify success for leading change.

 8 Change Management Commandments


Managers need to learn how to introduce change in their workplace to ensure that their businesses are not affected negatively by the change. Here is a list of 8 commandments on change management prepared by Gloria Ramsbottom to take you through the change process.

10 Principle Of Change Management

We all know that change management is one of the most challenging phases in an organization. Not all employees and customers will embrace the change. Here are 10 principles of change managementprinciples of change management, complied by Strategy+Business that business should adhere to.

Change Management is Bigger than Leadership 

This article by Cassie Solomon and Gregory Shae points out the importance of true leadership in times of change. This is the kind of leadership, which does far more than fancy speeches or directions. The kind of leadership that Shae and Solomon outline is about actually getting to the source of the leadership style, and their ability to motivate and follow through on a plan.

Techniques for Overcoming Change Resistance

In Jesse Jacoby’s article about overcoming change resistance, he discusses the critical techniques involved with helping your business cope with resistance. You’ll find this article particularly helpful if you’re facing an upcoming change and have a team whose expectations also need management.

The 8 Step Process for Leading Change

In this article by Kotter International they identify and outline the 8-step process required to identify and extract success factors in leading change.

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