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Best of Change Management

Best of Change Management

1. CSX CFO: Emphasizing the Management in “Change Management”

Change management is not an over-night affair. It calls for continuous training and risk assessment. This CFO report places a spotlight on the role of CFO’s in change management.

2. What you focus on is What You Get – Coaching in a Corporate Context

Change managment ebook guide for donwload

How should coaches conduct themselves in a corporate context? What different coaching approaches are ideal for different organizations? Holger Nauheimer article takes an incisive look at coaching skills as part of change management.

3. Organizations are Forced to Change Faster

Talk of Kodak, Borders, Blockbuster, Schlecker, Neckerman etc. The list of companies that failed because they were unable to grow grows by the day. Torben Rick’s article aims to help you keep evolving your organization to adapt to rapid changes.

4. Guide to Effective Change Leadership

Change in unavoidable; it’s a necessary evil. But in order for your organization to keep evolving you need to effect change from time to time. Here’s a simplified guideline I wrote on how to initiate effective change in leadership.

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