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Best of Change

Best of Change

#1- Why Is It Important For Change Management To Change In Digital Economy?

Paul Boag writes that change management is essential in the modern digital economy. Simply put, the change management process makes it easier both for small companies and large corporations to adapt to the ever-evolving conditions of the market. Change cannot be controlled, this is why management is essential for helping companies stay on top in the long haul.

#2- Five Ways To Sustain Organisational Change

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Written by Martin Webster, this article shows that organizational change is difficult yet not impossible. Acknowledging the numerous benefits of change management and inducing a sense of urgency are two essential aspects that will facilitate the organizationalz change. Large scale organizational change requires small wins to keep the employees and the leaders motivated and positive.

#3- How Can You Build A Change Management Team

Emma Murphy writes that building a good change management team takes a lot of skill, tact, experience and determination. It is essential to accurately define the key roles and responsibility of every member of the change management team, from the senior executive change leader to the change champions. Also, it is very important for all the members of the team to understand the activities, the scope and the mandates involved.

#4- Closing The Change Management Gap 

In this article, Torben Rick writes that there is a change management gap that grows continuously, and closing it is the only way to make sure that businesses embrace and adapt to the change. The world has transitioned from an industrial economy to a knowledge industrial one and it is important for employees to understand that. Also, only the strongest companies manage to stay up and to thrive over the decades, as many of them fail the test of time.

#5- Change Readiness Assessment

Here’s one by me- Change readinessChange readiness assessment is vital for the success of every business regardless of its size or niche. Overcoming freezing or calibrating the logistical plans are only two of the aspects related to change readiness assessment that must be taken into account. Understanding and accepting the change are the two most important steps a company can take towards improving itself.

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