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Change Management Analyst Salary vs. Other Change Jobs

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Change Management Analyst Salary vs. Other Change Jobs

How does a change management analyst salary compare to other change management jobs?

In this post, we’ll examine the salaries for a few of the most popular jobs in the field of change management, including:

  • Change management analyst
  • Change management lead
  • Change management specialist
  • Change manager

However, before examining these salary differences, a few points should be noted:

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  • Salary ranges differ widely depending on the source, which is a consequence, among other things, of their different data sources
  • Many other factors besides the actual job title will contribute to a job’s overall salary
  • Job titles and responsibilities will vary from company to company

It is important to remember that the salaries listed below should only be used as a rough guide to income levels for change management positions.

That being said, this information can be very useful for anyone who wants to ensure they are obtaining a fair rate. It can also help those who are evaluating change management as a potential career, specific employers, or geographic locales, among other things.

Finally, the information can be equally useful for companies interested in hiring a change manager.

Change Management Analyst Salary vs. Other Change Manager Jobs

Here are a few salary examples for change management analysts, as well as other important change-related roles.

All of the salaries are the annual nationwide average for jobs within the United States. Sources include career-related websites such as Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and CareerBuilder.

Change Management Analyst Salaries

Here a few of the average annual salaries for change management analysts:

  • $62,220 (Glassdoor)
  • $100,378 (ZipRecruiter)
  • $75,000 (Zippia)
  • $95,500 (CareerBuilder)

Also, according to, a “process and change management analyst” makes, on average, $128,783 per year.

This brings up the point that different companies will often use different titles for similar job roles. At the same time, job responsibilities may vary widely between companies, even if they use the same job title.

Other Change Management Job Salaries

Here are a few examples of other salaries for other change management jobs:

  • Change analysts make $79,272 per year (ZipRecruiter)
  • Change managers make $64,252 per year (Glassdoor)
  • Change management manage ranges between $84,212 to $110,981 (
  • Change management specialists earn on average $128,761 (
  • Change management leads earn $128,055 per year (ZipRecruiter)
  • Change management leads make $114,902 on average (Glassdoor)
  • Change management leads earn between $113,717 and $153,434 (
  • Management of change consultants earn between $75,990 and $95,546 (
  • Business change managers earn an average of $128,961 per year (ZipRecruiter)
  • Organizational development managers earn around $117,178 per year (
  • Organizational development salaries average at $76,526 (Glassdoor)
  • Organizational development specialists earn around $80,042 (

This salary data can provide useful insights into the value of change management and the potential income for roles in change management.

Below, we’ll explore some of the takeaways that these salary ranges can offer us.

Digging Deeper into Change Management Jobs and Salaries

To better understand the salary data above and determine how much one can actually earn, it pays to ask and answer a few important questions about these job roles.

For instance:

  • What are the responsibilities of each job? Common responsibilities for change management professionals, regardless of the job title, include: designing organizational change projects, managing project performance, evaluating and improving projects, developing communication strategies, creating employee training programs, coordinating change teams, and other duties depending on the organization. The more responsibilities that are included in the position, the greater the salary will be.
  • Which company is doing the hiring? Every organization is different and will reward its change managers differently, based on how the company values that role. An organization that changes frequently and recognizes the importance of structured change management, for instance, will almost certainly reward its change management specialists more than a company that does not.
  • Where is the company based? Location makes a big difference in salaries. Generally speaking, for example, large metropolitan cities have higher pay rates than less urban areas. In the coming years, working from home and telecommuting will become more common, so the employees’ and employers’ locations may become less important. However, location will still almost certainly be connected to company size, job prospects, salary, and more.
  • Does the company have any upward mobility? Change management maturity level – how advanced a company’s change management practices are – will have an impact on job prospects at that organization. A company with a robust change management department, for instance, will implement more frequent, advanced change projects. This will offer change managers better experience and more opportunities for change leadership positions. And, in all likelihood, they will pay more, since they place a higher value on change management.

Ultimately, all of the salary data covered in the sections above must be taken with a grain of salt.

While it can be useful to provide general salary ranges, some of the salaries differ quite a bit between job sites. For example, as we saw above, according to Glassdoor, change managers average about $64,000 per year. Yet most of the change management analyst positions have salaries that are much higher.

Since this disparity is so wide, it is important to dive deeper into the data and ask questions such as those listed here. Learning about the job role, the company, and other factors that impact the salary will help determine which salary is accurate and fair in a given situation.

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