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Beyond “Change Management PPT”: 6 Ways to Boost Research Results

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Beyond “Change Management PPT”: 6 Ways to Boost Research Results

A change management PPT can be an excellent resource for ideas and information about change management.

However, searching for “change management PPT” brings up far too many results. While these results can be useful for general information about change management, it isn’t as useful for those who want more specific information.

In the article below, we’ll go beyond researching PPTs and look at a few ways to narrow down search results, improve the quality of information, and speed up the research process.

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Beyond “Change Management PPT”: How to Really Boost Research Time

Here are a few ways to streamline research and get better results in the process:

1. Use search operators

Search operators are one of the most valuable tools in a researcher’s arsenal.

These are extra terms added on to the end of a search query that can help improve the relevance and quality of results.

For instance:

  • Filetype: only delivers results for a specific type of file. “Filetype:PPT” will only deliver PPT files, “filetype:PDF” will only deliver PDFs, and so forth.
  • OR can be placed between two words to, naturally, include results from either term. “Change management or organizational change” will deliver results from both queries.
  • AND requires that search results include both of the target terms, rather than one or the other. “Organizational change AND digital transformation” will return results that include both search terms, though the terms do not need to be connected.
  • Site: will return results only from a specific site. For example, “change management” will only return results from WalkMe’s change management blog.

With search operators such as these in hand, it will be much easier to get more relevant and useful results.

2. Add keywords to narrow searches

Adding more keywords to the end of a search can help focus the search term on a specific topic.

“Change management PPT,” for example, will return a wide array of results. Many of those may be irrelevant to one’s needs, so it is a good idea to narrow the search down a bit.

Here are a few examples of search terms that can be tacked on to the end of “change management PPT” to improve results:

In short, one of the best ways to get more targeted results is to focus specifically on the topic or topics that one is interested in.

3. Use different search terms

It may also be a good idea to use different search terms completely.

That is, it can be useful to omit “change management” and replace it with a new search term.

The list above offers one example, but there are countless others.

Here are a few search terms that will deliver more focused results than “change management PPT”:

Naturally, some search queries will be more productive than others.

However, this approach will definitely deliver PPT files that are more relevant and targeted.

4. Search for people as well as keywords

Change management experts often publish a great deal of content, including PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, and blog articles, among other things.

Searching for the names of authorities within the field of change management can help weed out irrelevant or low-quality information.

Here are just a few of many experts to search for:

Since these experts are so well-known and well-established, they are a good place to start one’s research.

5. Search for different file types

PPT files are a good resource for those who want fast overviews of a topic. They can also provide more in-depth, cutting edge information straight from the mouths of experts.

However, there are several other file types that can provide information that is just as relevant – if not more so.

Here are a few other file types to look for:

  • Word documents (add the search operator filetype:doc or filetype:docx)
  • Adobe PDF (filetype:PDF)
  • Microsoft Excel (filetype:xls or filetype:xlsx)

These are among the most useful file types, at least when it comes to change management.

There are others, however. For a full list, visit Google’s list of indexable file types.

6. Look on social media sites

Social media sites may not be the first thing that come to mind when searching for change management presentations.

However, change management professionals do frequently post content on social media sites such as Twitter or LinkedIn.

A simple search for “change management ppt” in Twitter, for instance, will reveal a number of results.

By narrowing that search down further – through the search phrases covered above, for instance – it’s possible to get even more results.

One benefit to this approach is that the results are curated by people, rather than algorithms. That is, people thought the PPT was high enough quality to share, so they posted it on a social network.

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