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A Complete Change Management Sample Job Description (Plus Tips for Job Seekers)

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A Complete Change Management Sample Job Description (Plus Tips for Job Seekers)

In this change management sample job description, we’ll include a range of traits, duties, roles, and titles that you could find during your job search.

Plus, we’ll include tips for:

  • Finding jobs
  • Getting hired
  • What questions to expect
  • How to answer them

And more.

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A Change Management Sample Job Description

A job description can tell you a lot about a potential change management position:

  • Duties that will be expected of you
  • What kind of role it is – managerial, leadership, or both
  • Who you will interact with and oversee
  • The kind of company you’ll be working for

This information can be very helpful when deciding whether or not you should apply – and whether or not you want the job.

Let’s break down the job into its different parts, starting with the job title itself:

Sample Job Titles

Here’s the first tip that can help you in your job search: not all jobs use “change manager” in the title.

This means you can find the same position advertised differently in different places, opening up your field of search.

Here are some sample titles that can help:

  • Change Manager
  • Change Management Professional
  • Change Management Specialist
  • Organizational Change Manager
  • Manager of Organizational Change Management
  • Organizational Development Manager

However, many organizations also blend the duties of change management with other functions.

As such, you may be expected to perform two or more main functions.

Sample Job Duties

So what can you expect to do as a change manager?

Here are sample expectations you’ll likely come across in your search.

Change managers will be required to…

…design, develop, and implement:

  • Organizational change management strategies and methodologies
  • Feedback mechanisms that enable development and improvement of user-led digital adoption
  • Enterprise change management processes, procedures, and mechanisms
  • Development of employee training and onboarding strategies, programs, and content
  • Communication strategies, activities, and content
  • Risk mitigation and management plans
  • Analysis, data collection, and feedback efforts in order to provide insights into change efforts

…communicate, collaborate, and partner with:

  • Business project sponsors and teams regarding strategies and approaches
  • Business stakeholders and partners
  • HR teams, in order to align change and communications strategies
  • Business leaders across disciplines, to effectively coordinate and design multi-departmental change strategies

Among other things.

Sample Job Requirements

Requirements will naturally vary from business to business, but here are some examples:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Change Management, Human Resources, Business, or a related field
  • A minimum of 3-15 years of change management and/or leadership experience, depending on the seniority of the position 
  • Knowledge and understanding of the discipline, methodology, and practices of change management
  • Demonstrated track record of managing and leading organizational transformations 
  • Years of experience developing, managing, and leading teams 
  • Effective communication skills and the ability to influence people
  • Certifications in change management (such as ADKAR), project management, ITIL, or related areas

As above, the requirements – and preferred requirements – of a given job will vary depending on the employer and the job position.

Job Seeking Tips

A sample change management job description goes a long way towards helping you understand the content of a job.

But what about finding a job and getting hired?

We’ll cover that next:

Where to Look

Here are a few places to get you started:

  • Job Sites – Popular job sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster can be good launchpads. But they shouldn’t be the only place to look, because not all companies use them.
  • Networking Events – Business events, conferences, and networking events can be excellent places to get your name out there and meet others in a variety of fields … and the right contact can help you bypass many gatekeepers.
  • Change Management Associations – Change management associations, such as the ACMP, can also be valuable resources for networking and meeting other professionals.
  • Staffing Agencies – Headhunters and staffing companies can also get you in the door of companies that may meet your needs.
  • Specific Companies – Do you have a specific company you want to work for? If so, don’t wait – contact them directly. But don’t be annoying, be creative and add value.

These are a few of the best places to help you locate a job, but once you have applied, you need to actually get hired.

Getting Hired

Naturally, you should follow all of the normal steps for getting hired:

  • Write a stellar cover letter that emphasizes what you can do for the company and why you are a perfect choice – not why you want the job
  • For the interview – dress appropriately, bring copies of your resume, bring a bottle of water, and rehearse questions and answers beforehand
  • Thank interviewers after the interview with an email or a note

And so on.

Be sure to read our article on change management interview questions before your interview.

Though these preparations can make or break your job interview, it’s important to remember that you must also meet basic qualifications.

If you don’t have the required qualifications, don’t expect to get the job.

For that reason, you should also create long-term career goals that build your skills, experience, and knowledge…

Get change management certifications, proactively get on-the-job training, and aggressively go after real-world projects.

Doing those steps is by far the best thing you can do to prepare for a job interview.

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