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Change Readiness Tools

Change Readiness Tools

This change readiness tools piece is going to be another exercise in frustration for both of us. You see, there really isn’t any software out there whatsoever dedicated to this. I spent three days scouring the internet looking for stuff that could maybe use data from other SaaS or from manual surveying internally, to smartly measure and quantify change readiness in an organization.

I was sorely disappointed, as most so-called tools are just checklists and the like to go by for assessing how ready for change your corporate culture actually is. It’d be nice to see some tools for this, because while when you boil it down, change readiness isn’t difficult nor complex, a lot of time is lost to doing this manually.

So Why Continue:

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Since there aren’t any real change readiness tools out there, why didn’t I just opt to not talk about it at all? I often wish it were that easy, but someone has to take the time to discuss the absence of these, and suggest stopgap measures to account for the lack of them.

But again, I’m not really sure what alternatives to suggest for this either, though.

Assessing readiness isn’t as straightforward as assessing the need for change, the efficiency of change, and the progress of change. The reason for this is primarily because factors tend to depend very much on the individual corporate cultures.

What may matter with one group of people in making or breaking a change project, may be completely irrelevant to another and vice versa. While there are some overarching factors like unfreezing, making a case for the change, and providing an established and ready to go agenda, there’s a lot of subtlety beyond it and within it.

In the Future:

Perhaps in the future, heuristic systems that run under SAP applications, CRM applications and BI applications may provide a framework that can more smartly analyze this, providing subject participation is solid going in.

But, right now, I’ll say that you probably don’t desperately need a tool like this, because change readiness while a bit less binary than other assessments in change, is still a very straightforward and simple thing to understand and to perform.

You may get some limited help from some apps for CRM systems like Salesforce or Netsuite, and you may be able to do some readiness testing over an LMS like Moodle, but that’s more of finding an excuse for software to be part of this, than actually improving things.

For now, we’re stuck handling all of this manually, with checklists both unanimously standard, and tweaked to meet the needs of a given corporate culture. Some things just don’t digitize easy, and this is one of them.

Still, at least it’s not a giant gulper of time like some other forcibly manual things tend to be, so while it sucks that I have to sit here and talk too long about the lack of change readiness tools being available, I’ll also say it’s not the end of the world. Perhaps next time I have to talk about this, though, there’ll be something more worthwhile to say. But I’m not holding my breath as this is a really niche thing even by SaaS standards.

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