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Creating a Change Management Questionnaire for Employees

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Creating a Change Management Questionnaire for Employees

Change is a process full of difficulties and traps and for this reason, creating a change management questionnaire for employees has become an essential task in the process of handling organizational duties. It is important to get feedback from your employees in order to learn for the future. The business consulting process is complex and by nature almost always involves organizational changes. Consultants proposed change is the natural consequence of diagnosis company or some of its functions.

Do not forget that the change often happens as a response to customer requirements both in terms of quality products and / or services as well as in terms of delivery time, quantity delivered, the place of delivery, etc.

Before we dive into the elements of creating a Change Management questionnaire for employees, let’s review.

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Changing a company can be divided into two categories:

1. Deep change-arge scale enterprise level (new products, new production systems, new systems of quality) are extremely difficult to implement and control;

2. Routine change – which involves small-scale activities difficult to manage (new tools, new functions).

Change is not an end in itself but only the means to adapt to new conditions and retaining or improving the performance of a company. This requires that company management to regularly review both internally and externally the company.

In analyzing the external environment to collect information about factors STEEP (Social, technological, economic, ecological and political) factors removed form the external environment, as well as specific elements of the external environment, namely near the market, competition and costs.

In the internal environment, the management team must periodically send information regarding the company’s situation in terms of financial accounting, commercial, human resources, product quality, etc.. Information type and frequency of their transmission are decisions to be made at management level, and their revision is needed once the expansion.

All managerial level is structured objectives and future strategies of the company, which, through their vision creates the premises change.

Changing the organizational level is a process of adaptation to changes in the environment can look any aspect or element of the organization or its entirety:

  • The nature and level of activities
  • Tasks
  • Technology
  • Management processes
  • Culture

Creating a Change Management Questionnaire for Employees

Change Management Questionnaire

The change management questionnaire is absolutely essential in order to assess change readiness and the need for change management by project and service managers, in order to avoid any problems.  As well, a change management questionnaire act as a point of exploration.

Formulating Questions

It is important to find out if the need for change is understood by your employees, so be sure to ask a question asking them to define where they’d like the company to go and what the process is to get there. Or, if a specific software needs changing within the company, how do they suggest the company goes about accomplishing this?

Another relevant question that should be included in the change management questionnaire for employees is if they are aware of the process and steps needed to make changes.  Do the employees know how the decisions will be made?

It also should be noted that employees should be asked if they are able to assume responsibility for the success of changes made.

And of course, it is imperative that you ask if the change leaders are collaborating with employees to ensure success.  Details need to be collected on the managers and their ability to effectively manage individuals during the change process.

Other Important Principles to Address Through the Questionnaire 

  • Is evaluation of change encouraged?
  • Has there been an evaluation plan put into place?
  • Is there an effective procedure for monitoring the change process?
  • Are change leaders open to feedback?
  • Once the change process is concluded, who will ensure that the new process is now the normal day-to-day?


As you have seen, undergoing change in your business will almost always come with difficulties. Implementing a new organizational structure or bringing about a new software is often met with resistance and hesitation. However, if you take the time to create a detailed change management questionnaire for employees, you guarantee more collaboration and ensure that everyone feels involved through what may be a challenging process.

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