Change Management WalkMe TeamUpdated December 14, 2014

INFOGRAPHIC: Why Do Employees Resist Change?

INFOGRAPHIC: Why Do Employees Resist Change?

By: Chris @ChangeMBlog Smith

You may think that the changes you have implemented are great, but your employees might not agree. Understanding why your employees aren’t embracing change is key to getting them on board. So why are your employees resisting change?

This infographic by Torben Rick answers just that question. Some of the reasons that the infographic identifies, such as fear of the unknown or change in the status quo, can’t be avoided. However, there are things you can do about reasons such as lack of communication and exhaustion/saturation.

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One important lesson from this infographic is to minimize the reasons for resistance that you can control and to manage those that you can’t. As the diagram in the infographic shows, employees become more accepting of change over time, but only after a crisis period. Don’t give up on your change and your employees will thank you in the long run.


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