Change Management WalkMe TeamUpdated March 23, 2021

Inspiring Video – Incentivizing Change

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Inspiring Video – Incentivizing Change

The shifting winds of change usually bring with them difficult times for employees. Difficulties in catching up or resistance to change cause a drop in efficiency and in productivity. This is where this video steps in, with the suggestion to incentivize employees with challenges related to the change at hand, in order to help them overcome the difficulties involved.

Common logic, as well as the basic principles of economics, dictate that human beings respond better when presented with incentives. The video above, which is by no means new, but definitely timeless, proves this. A 22% improvement was reported simply by giving those taking part an incentive to obey the speed limit. Now the question is how can you apply this to your companies, and incentivize your employees to adapt to the change quicker and more efficiently? Any thoughts?

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