An Infographic You Need to See: Motivation- We all Strive for It. We All Need It.

By facilitating employee learning, aligning employee goals and keeping communication open you can significantly increase employee motivation which in turn improves change management.

This is the message this infographic, by Incblot, tries to pass through to us. According to some of the fascinating statistics here, 30% of executives say that motivating their employees is their toughest job. However, due to the fact 49% of employees like verbal praises, lack of motivation leads to wasted time, and loss of money.

Maintain Momentum of Software Efficiency and Performance Through any Change Management Decision

By identifying what your employees need you can make your job of helping to motivate them a whole lot easier. By applying these small changes in order to increase employee motivation, you are sure to increase their overall satisfaction, thus increasing productivity and total company revenue.

Make your job easier by making your employees happier!


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