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Oracle Change Management with HCM, CX, and ERP

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Oracle Change Management with HCM, CX, and ERP

In this article, we’ll explore Oracle change management with a few of its cloud solutions – HCM, CX, and ERP.

Also, we will cover:

  • What Oracle Cloud is – and what cloud software is in general
  • The benefits and drawbacks of cloud solutions
  • Oracle Cloud tools that apply to change management

First, let’s start with the basics – namely, what Oracle Cloud is and does.

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A 15-Second Overview of Oracle Cloud and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is computing-as-a-service.

Rather than using in-house servers or data centers, for instance, you can effectively “rent” computing resources for your business.

Oracle Cloud offers a suite of cloud computing solutions, with four main categories:

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Each of these IT categories can be accessed as needed, on demand, over the internet.

The Many Benefits of “The Cloud”

There are plenty of reasons to get on board with cloud computing, including:

  • Cost – It is cheaper to use pre-made computing solutions, which can be delivered anywhere, than it is to create them in-house.
  • Scalability – Cloud computing resources are available at small or large scales, making them ideal for businesses of any size. This also makes scaling an easy proposition for growing businesses.
  • Performance – Most cloud computing providers use the latest hardware and software. And because they operate across a global network of data centers, they reduce lag and latency.
  • Security – Cloud vendors have dedicated security teams, whose job it is to ensure maximum security for their solutions. This takes the burden off of the end user, client businesses.

These benefits translate into further benefits at the business level, such as:

  • Productivity – Productivity is increased, because users can access cutting-edge software globally. IT departments, likewise, can focus their efforts on core business activities. Together, these increase productivity business-wide.
  • Speed – Cloud providers have vast amounts of computing resources, which are available on-demand. Because users can access as many resources as they need, whenever they need it, there is no need for IT resource budgeting.
  • Usability – SaaS providers spend a great deal of time developing solutions that are user-driven. They are useful and feature-rich. Also, the end user’s workflow is drastically improved, because they can do everything they need inside a single platform.

Now, let’s see how such benefits apply to Oracle Cloud and change management.

Oracle Change Management Tools

Oracle’s cloud suite is extraordinarily robust, offering a variety of products for businesses of every size.

Below, we’ll look at three which can be useful for change management:

  • HCM Cloud – Human Capital Management
  • CX Cloud – Customer Experience
  • ERP Cloud – Enterprise Resource Planning

Let’s look at each one in detail:

Oracle HCM Cloud

Oracle HCM is extremely robust, ideal for enterprises or growing businesses.

It offers features such as:

For change managers, such change management tools are essential.

They allow them to work with HR to develop employee-centric change initiatives – ones that help you accomplish key goals for most change initiatives, such as:

  • Retaining top talent
  • Keeping employees engaged and productive
  • Streamlining communications with workers across the organization, wherever they are

However, change managers’ role extends beyond HR functions.

This is where some of Oracle’s other solutions come in.

Oracle CX Cloud

Oracle CX Cloud is a full suite of applications that cover the entire spectrum of customer experience, inside and out.

Applications focus on:

  • Marketing and engagement
  • Social media reputation and monitoring
  • Loyalty and customer value

Among others.

Change initiatives that impact the customer could – and should – make use of such tools.

They can help companies monitor in real-time how customers respond to product changes, brand changes, and any other changes that would impact the end user.

Oracle ERP Cloud

Digitalization, digital transformation, and other changes require significant, in-depth resource planning and management.

That’s where Oracle ERP Cloud comes in.

This financial suite spans:

  • Finances and accounting
  • Procurement
  • Project portfolio management
  • Risk management
  • Enterprise performance management

All of these tools – and others in the suite – offer an integrated toolbox.

Together, they offer deeper insight, predictability, and cost savings to change projects.

Is Oracle Cloud Right for Your Change Management Needs?

Oracle is a leading cloud computing provider, offering cutting-edge solutions that span a wide array of business functions.

Though the company is well-known for its database solutions, it is also a leader in cloud computing solutions.

Gartner, for instance, has repeatedly placed Oracle in its “Magic Quadrant” for solutions including:

  • Operational Database Management Systems
  • Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions
  • Multichannel Marketing Hubs

As well as others.

In short, Oracle is well-known for delivering industry-leading, high quality solutions across a number of industries.

Businesses should consider Oracle if they are:

  • Undergoing digital transformation
  • Growing and scaling
  • Planning or executing large-scale change initiatives
  • Regularly implementing change projects

The larger your business is – or the faster it is growing – the more closely you should look at Oracle’s solutions.

However, it is worth remembering that Oracle Cloud is a complex toolbox.

To speed up learning and enhance productivity, consider using digital adoption platforms such as WalkMe.

WalkMe’s in-app training solution offers personalized training for all of these Oracle products:

The ROI of Oracle Cloud programs are significant, making training well worth the investment.


As we have seen, Oracle has plenty of tools that can be used in change management.

We have looked at three of its most powerful cloud solutions, but there are others.

A leader in the cloud computing space, Oracle can deliver integrated cloud computing services across many business areas, from HR to finance to customer experience.

If your organization is changing, growing, or scaling operations, then Oracle is worth serious consideration.

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