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The Best Organizational Change PDF Resources, Blogs, and Websites

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The Best Organizational Change PDF Resources, Blogs, and Websites

What are the best organizational change PDF resources? 

In this article, we’ll look at the top companies, blogs, and websites that offer B2B research, reports, and other downloadable content.

The Best Organizational Change PDF Resources and Websites

When seeking out organizational change resources and research, the most authoritative sources are best.

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That’s why we should focus our efforts on industry leaders in the change management space.

Here are some good places to start:


Prosci is a change management consultancy.

They are a recognized leader in this field, and they offer a number of resources that cover:

As well as their own original research.


Deloitte is a consultancy and research firm.

They offer a number of services to their clients, including change management consulting.

Deloitte’s website is a good resource for research on:

  • Change management
  • The employee experience
  • Digital transformation

As well as reports and PDFs on specific industries, such as finance or energy.


McKinsey is a major research firm that covers a wide range of industries.

They offer reports, PDFs, as well as other multimedia content on topics such as:

  • Corporate culture
  • Data and technology
  • Digital transformation
  • The future of work

To name just a few.


Like McKinsey, Gartner is a widely recognized research company.

They regularly conduct research and analysis on many economic sectors.

You can find many free reports on their website – but others are paid.

Like many of the other companies here, they cover:

  • Digital transformation and change
  • Technology and IT
  • Data and analytics

Among others.

Gartner is an excellent resource for in-depth analysis and research, especially for change professionals who want to stay on the cutting edge of their industry.


Forrester is a research firm that offers content on topics such as:

  • The customer experience
  • The future of work
  • Data and analytics

As well as more specific content for specific industries, such as marketing, healthcare, and IT.


Horses for Sources (HfS) is a technology analysis firm that provides excellent insight and research.

Their focus is on how innovative technology is transforming business operations.

HfS is a good place to go for PDFs on:

  • How technology is impacting the workplace
  • Technology and marketplace trends
  • Vendor profiles for enterprise software solutions
  • Change management and digital transformation

And more.


Anyone interested in digital transformation can find information from Altimeter.

This research firm focuses on the place where disruptive technology and humans intersect.

Their website is a good resource for reports and PDFs on:

  • Digital transformation
  • Digital marketing
  • Marketplace trends

And more.


Jabil offers supply chain, manufacturing, and product management solutions, among other things.

Jabil’s research focuses on many topics that would be of interest to the change professional, including:

  • Digital transformation
  • Agile
  • Technology and IoT

Their focus leans towards manufacturing industries, so anyone involved in the industrial space will find their insights particularly valuable.


PwC is a global research firm and consultancy, with many subsidiaries that cover a wide range of industries.

They are an excellent resource for executives and other business leaders.

PwC’s research covers many subjects, including:

  • The customer experience
  • Global marketplace trends and business trends
  • Digital transformation trends

And more.


WalkMe pioneered the digital adoption platform (DAP) – a training and automation solution that streamlines software adoption, user training, and more.

Their main blog offers insights on topics such as:

  • Employee training and productivity
  • The user experience
  • Digital transformation and digital adoption
  • Change management

And much more.

How to Find the Right PDFs Quickly

PDFs are better than other media formats for many reasons – they are portable, they are easy to scan and skim, and they can be printed.

But finding them isn’t always easy.

The first step is knowing where to look, which we covered above.

However, navigating websites is time-consuming. And you don’t always find what you’re looking for.

To save time, here are a few tips for using search engine operators when hunting down PDFs and other change management material.

  • Use the “site:” search operator. When typing a search into Google or another search engine, add “site:[website]” to restrict searches to a specific domain. For instance: change management
  • Use the “filetype:” search operator. This search operator only returns specific types of files, such as PDFs, PPTs, Word documents, and so forth. For instance: change management filetype:PDF.
  • Combine both. To restrict your searches even further, combine both search operators. For instance: change management filetype:pdf.

Note, however, that these types of searches will not return gated content.

Many valuable reports will require you to enter your contact information prior to download.

Search engines cannot get past these opt-in forms, so bear that in mind when using the “filetype” search operator.

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